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Frances Hinden
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May 27, 2014
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about me

I'm based near London, England and fit as much bridge as I can round my day job working in corporate treasury. I'm also vice-chairman of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee. I play a complex system but find defence and declarer play more interesting than 'assign the blame' bidding problems.

United Kingdom

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Twice winner of the British Gold Cup and the Camrose, won the English Premier League and the Spring Foursomes. I sometimes play on the English Open team and reached the QF of the 2016 Olympiad
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Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton
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Leo Lasota's bidding problem: K3 9862 9 KJT643
How does partner know you have clubs? Depending on partnership agreements, 2NT might be - competitive in clubs - competitive in hearts - game forcing without a diamond stop - game forcing with a diamond stop and a four card major (and so on)
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KQT8 K6 AK752 A2
I've just invented 4 as a clever call. 4 would be pattern and imply a singleton heart. Certainly I can convert all club bids to NT, but partner won't evaluate correctly when in fact I have Kx. Same problem with 4. 4 sounds like ...
Am I Old Fashioned?
That's a different auction. I think everyone agrees that in 1970s Acol, rebidding your own suit after a 2NT rebid was non-forcing. Some still play that. The OP is about bidding opener's suit. I'm still not entirely sure why we're having a debate about what was ...
Meaning of 1m-1!s; 1NT-2!h
Generally invitations don't exist without conventional help. The principle is that opener has limited their hand, so you don't need a further invitation. Just like in response to a 1NT opening bid: 2 of a major is a sign-off, 3 is a game force. I bid 3 ...
Responding 2!c with exactly 4!s +4!c GF?
I've played various different schemes, all of which work reasonably well (one of them being copyright Mike Bell, I admit) The general theme is that you make 1NT either forcing or virtually forcing and put multiple hand types in it. a) 1NT rebid is diamonds, weak NT or good-but-not-FG ...
non-forcing stayman
I suspect the answer to your question is yes, or virtually.
Am I Old Fashioned?
Aha! You are quoting the wrong bit of All About Acol. On page 135 of my copy of the 1978 fourth edition, under "Other Forcing Responder's Rebids" it says: When opener's rebid has been 2NT, responder's return to his partner's suit at the three-level is unconditionally ...
Am I Old Fashioned?
If we're quoting books written in the 1970s to justify an opinion in 2020, I'll go with The Complete Book of Bridge by Reese and Dormer from 1973: "...any suit bid by responder now will be forcing, except for a simple rebid in his own suit" As we ...
Responding 2!c with exactly 4!s +4!c GF?
The advantage of responding 1 is that opener will limit their hand with their rebid. The problem is that responder has no easy way of showing a game forcing hand. David Burn points out that if opener likes to raise 1 to 2 on a 3-card suit ...
Nice hand for planning play - intermediate level
Not on this hand, where you would have to play a second spade to dummy to play a heart up.
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