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Frances Hinden
Frances Hinden
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May 27, 2014
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I'm based near London, England and fit as much bridge as I can round my day job working in corporate treasury. I'm also vice-chairman of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee. I play a complex system but find defence and declarer play more interesting than 'assign the blame' bidding problems.

United Kingdom

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Twice winner of the British Gold Cup and the Camrose, won the English Premier League and the Spring Foursomes. I sometimes play on the English Open team and reached the QF of the 2016 Olympiad
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Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton
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Greek gift?
Sorry I thought we had discarded the obvious club
What is this signal?
'if it matters, it is a pair game' It matters hugely. We can't beat this unless partner has the Ace of clubs, so we just play for it without needing help from partner. Matchpoints we need partner's help.
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
"card play has been secondary for a long time" Weird. If I play a weaker team, the vast majority of the gains are from better card play and better bidding judgement, not complex systems. If I play a team of similar strength, swings tend to come from the bidding but ...
Greek gift?
I'm a bit lost here. Let's suppose the opponents play standard signals and RHO has Qxx diamonds and no spade honour. Why would he play a diamond 'to break up the squeeze' only to discover that your hand is K Kxx AKJ10x 10642? The J discard surely says ...
Another botched one.
RHO switches back to spades. Now you need clubs to come in for no loser.
T2 defense
Declarer's actions are obviously crazy whatever his hand. The trick is to trust partner to be sane.
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
The first one is an obvious pass of 1 whatever NT range you play unless you fancy psyching. But you might consider needing four cards to open 1 (with any 1NT opening range) The second one is a 3 response if that is what it shows, otherwise ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: KQJ6 A AKJ63 KT7
I didn't make the additional point that 4 is not a slam try. It is looking for the best game.
Who Bid Too Much?
I hate the bid of 5. However, if South doubles it I would expect North to pull anyway as he has 0 defensive tricks and five spades.
What is this signal?
I am not entirely sure that it matters. As soon as declarer plays any trumps, partner can signal. And if declarer cashes another top heart and plays a diamond (or a low trump), it's not going to be hard for us to win and play clubs.
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