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Frances Hinden
Frances Hinden
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May 27, 2014
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about me

I'm based near London, England and fit as much bridge as I can round my day job working in corporate treasury. I'm also vice-chairman of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee. I play a complex system but find defence and declarer play more interesting than 'assign the blame' bidding problems.

United Kingdom

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Twice winner of the British Gold Cup and the Camrose, won the English Premier League and the Spring Foursomes. I sometimes play on the English Open team and reached the QF of the 2016 Olympiad
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Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton
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Changing the partnership defensive methods: (2!D*) P (P) ?
You have to play something different if those are your second seat methods. You need double to be more flexible, particularly as second seat will have passed on a balanced 13-15. Responder has either (i) long diamonds, or (ii) a random bad hand (particularly NV) I would play suits as ...
An unusual end position
Declarer then has 9 easier tricks. 2 clubs, 2 spades, 3 hearts, 2 diamonds.
BW site very slow
Nope. Not noticed anything has changed. The only thing that affects the speed is which of my router Wifi signals I am attached to. Just sayin'
What signal here?
I agree that the 6 is only meaningful if NS are playing middle encourage high/low suit preference, in which case North is encouraging spades. Otherwise the 6 is known not to be high or low so is either neutral attitude or neutral between the minors.
Discussion of Swiss Pairs
1. Yes 2. Implementations vary. The EBU typically play 6, 7 or 8 board matches scored with VPs. Norway prefer 3 boards no VPs 3. However many you want. No different to a straight matchpoint event. 4. Closest overall. You often switch directions. There is no concept of NS or ...
Discussion of Swiss Pairs
In the world of f2f bridge, lots of the world outside the ACBL plays lots of Swiss Pairs, typically for shorter events where you don’t have time to play qualifier and all-pkay-all final. I cannot recall the last time I played in a multisection event that wasn’t scored ...
Rebids After Sub-Invitational 1!H - 2!S
Sorry Michael I was a bit quick writing - I agree that 1-1-2 is a nasty auction whatever game force responder has. 1-1-2 isn't. 1-1-2 is a different animal because opener is so much better defined, both in range and in ...
Rebids After Sub-Invitational 1!H - 2!S
There's quite a difference between "unplayable" (which I don't think MR has ever claimed applies to 1-1-2x-2 as invitational with 6) and "I think it it better to play 1 then 2 as artificial" There are various ways to solve some of the ...
Bidding in Competitive NT auction
I would bid 3NT with your sample hand. I don't play "western cue bids" (I have no idea what a western cue bid is) I don't play that 3NT denies a stopper in both major suits and that 2NT then 3NT shows a stopper in both majors. Whichever ...
Bidding in Competitive NT auction
This seems to be covered easily enough by your option (3)
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