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Franck Guerrero
Franck Guerrero
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Dec. 20, 2011
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6 hours ago
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Online tempo
When playing online i may, in the meantime,: - watch something on TV/YouTube - text something on phone - go get a glass / a snack / - roll a cig non exhaustive list.. If i'm aware i've broken tempo, i always put something like "sry, back" on chat but i may not ...
Precision Biddding On BBO Today
"Partner discarded two spades allowing West to make 5N" too bad your partner had A K A to cash... "Was I wrong to call the director?" No, directors always need a good laugh.
What do you play 1!h-2!s as showing (playing 2/1)?
i play it art GF with support
BBO Disaster
Strange Regional Format: Gold Rush + Side Game, No Open Pairs??
at least, nobody can voluntarily foul a bad board online
The Conduct of BBO
My question was not for you, Steve, but if you say so, you surely know better than a company living and healthy for the last 30 years. Maybe you should propose them your service, they might be relieved to have the opportunity to hire your advices.
The Conduct of BBO
Mr Compton wrote: "We all want good things for bridge" Sure ! Could you please explain to me to which extent BBO free games and/or BBO ultra cheap games do harm bridge or are bad things for bridge ? Regards,
The Conduct of BBO
"Any NBO with a rating system could use BBO to hold games relevant to its members rating." Sure and it's not a problem at all. The problem would be if this NBO would try imposing something to BBO and to its former users just to suit its failing economic ...
The Conduct of BBO
Maybe the 2700 or so ACBL club owners could invest some money in a new platform, called "Save our club owners ACBL BBO" platform, restricted to their members, and let the older and/or not ACBL member BBO users alone ? I wouldn't like seeing BBO becoming a cash-flow machine ...
The Conduct of BBO
Why BBO should be related with a particular NBO ? BBO is worldwide and ACBL is not world. For all of us who are not ACBL members, thus don't really care about ACBL BBO tournaments, but play sometimes in the 1$ speedabll for example, and would not play a 5 ...

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