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Dec. 20, 2011
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How many spades?
"oh and AJMO HRVATSKA" maybe next time ;-)
Forcing or not ?
Anyway, this has nothing to do with semantics. Either a bid is forcing or not, the concept of almost forcing, semi forcing is just a way to say non forcing except..i.e., basically not forcing. Here are the 2 hands whith which we reached (normally i think) 5 ...
Forcing or not ?
as a semi-forcing bid may be passed, it is by definition not forcing ;)
Forcing or not ?
See above, when 2NT is not available as a weak treatment. say: xx KQJx Ax AKJxx in front of Axxx xxx xxx Qxx it may be nice to be able to stop in 4 no?
Forcing or not ?
In fact, in my regular partnership, it would have been NF. We play 2NT after overcall shows a stopper, then 3 is only a simple preference, then 3 is last try to play 3NT. Whan all of this failed to reach 3NT, we are allowed to pass 4 ...
Forcing or not ?
In my regular partnership, I play what Patrick described above
Forcing or not ?
mostly forcing is indeed non forcing :-)
Forcing or not ?
No discussion about 3 being GF or not. If not, what would you bid then with a 19 count, 2=4=2=5 without stopper over 3 ?
Bidding Problems: Server returned Error 403
Forget it, everything's back now. Thanks for the feedback though.
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Donald wrote:"Personally, I don't want to replicate the way of life that France and Netherlands have - and which may be the most significant factors in their "penetration" stats. " Good news, please stay where you are and make america great gain...

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