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Franco Baseggio
Franco Baseggio
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July 21, 2012
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about me

Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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Andy Stark
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reverse western cuebid
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Play this slam
Pitch a club. A, Q. Maybe K will be stiff. Maybe RHO will win and be forced to help. If LHO wins, or RHO wins and has a 3rd spade to play (or LHO plays a club through dummy), I'm reduced to playing for Kx of hearts onside. If ...
The Un-Basic Menace II
I wrote about phantom menaces a few years back:
The Un-Basic Menace II
Thanks. Fixed “4 clubs”, though weirdly there was a display issue: the source already had a space. The 2nd diagram I need to hack the auction to have South on lead. I wish there were better ways (known to me) to control this for end positions. I chose 5NT because ...
The Un-Basic Menace II
Can you give another example where an extended menace eliminates the need for a positional menace? I know of exactly two ways to do that, both very unusual (this article covering one of them). I think you’ll find any other (primary) compound still has a positional menace (by which ...
The Un-Basic Menace II
I find most complex squeezes can usefully be looked at as compound squeezes with some flaw, addressed with compensation. I find this least helpful with ruffing guard squeezes, though. As Len says, a key feature of compounds is that there is a basic / positional menace. Also, East isn’t squeezed ...
Make a Grand
A good aspiration for composed double dummy problems is “no red herrings”.
Adjusting the Hand Pattern
Totally right. I never noticed that.
Play or Defend 3NT
What if I play hq at trick 3? Say declarer crosses in clubs to play another spade, now I can play another heart and it transposes. So, declarer plays a diamond (which?) instead, ducked, and plays a spade. No time to work it out now, alas...
Play or Defend 3NT
I will think on that. I don’t immediately see any flaw.
Play or Defend 3NT
If South pitches another heart, East holds SQ and plays a heart, establishing a heart winner with diamonds still controlled. West can spare a long spade on this trick.

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