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Franco Baseggio
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July 21, 2012
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Personal: twin dad 

Professional: statistical arbitrage

Bridge: impractical. 

United States of America

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reverse western cuebid
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No IMPs at stake - the solution
I eventually turned to the computer. As usual, I regretted not sweating a little longer. Great problem, such a weird theme.
How Bad Is This Line of Play?
I doubt this is best (I like Nigel's line too), but it's sort of interesting. Win trick one, play a low diamond right away. South might put up an honor, especially with HTx (or KQx), which will certainly help (but seems unlikely with that dummy). If not, win ...
Clash Squeezes Simplified
Thanks! And good suggestion.
What signal here?
Take it a step further and make high suggest the more obvious shift and middle for the less-obvious.
What signal here?
I often play “never suit preference at trick one”. Would have worked fine here, and avoids many disasters. I was a little disappointed this wasn’t about the Foster Echo.
Roadhouse Blues
Yep. With that card this plays as a clash squeeze. Not strictly necessary as it can be played as a compound, but the clash menace is very helpful at single dummy.
No IMPs at stake
Maybe not. I previously thought I had refuted this, but I think ruffing high works. Play a diamond and RHO must win DK to play clubs, with LHO planning to ruff CA and play a 3rd heart. Any other defense allows you to draw trump and get 3 spades. But ...
No IMPs at stake
Pitching on the heart doesn’t seem to work, though it would be cool if it did. Neither does ruffing low to play clubs. I think I’m all the way back to the drawing board.
No IMPs at stake
I’m probably answering too fast here... how about ruff the heart low, play a low diamond to K, duck one club, then cover and ruff. If they exit a diamond, I can play a club and get home. If they play another heart I must ruff. RHO will shake ...
No IMPs at stake
I see: after we ruff the heart, play a, diamond to k and they ruff the a, _now_ a 2nd spade locks us in dummy. Had we played 8 or 7 we could win in hand to draw trumps.

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