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Thanks to Jay Whipple
Perhaps I may be forgiven for inserting a whiff of nostalgia into this conversation. In July 1971, I — a 24-year-old college student — left Tuscaloosa in a rickety car, headed for the Summer Nationals in Chicago. I had all of $100 cash, a suitcase packed full with cans of soup and ...
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
This thread was brought to my attention. I believe I am the senior analyst for District-wide and ACBL-wide events, having served for almost 40 years. Currently I do the three annual International Fund games. I continue to accept the work not for the money or for what exposure there may ...
Sad State of Affairs
Sabrina, thank you for commenting. I am well aware that, having focused solely on journalism for the past 35 years, I have lost touch with much of what the tournament scene has become. But “Flight B pro” sounds to me like an oxymoron. I find myself unable to define a ...
Sad State of Affairs
When the GNT was inaugurated in 1973, it was billed as innovative and prestigious and was so regarded. The winners were one of four teams in the International Team Trials. There were no secondary flights in those days. To do well was significant, and the competition in my District 10 ...
Curtis Cheek Wins 2019 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
Curtis and I go back a long way. I recall when he was just starting to play and hitting the Alabama tournaments. I played against him many times and with him a couple of times. Even back then, he was a fierce competitor and had a wonderful temperament. I’m ...
Tales from the Attic: Contest Bridge.
John, your recall is impressive — better than mine, I suspect, after 43 years. I imagine the CB people made a practice of lifting problems from previously published deals, using various sources. I clearly remember that subscribers wrote in and grumbled that this was not a viable way to run a ...
Tales from the Attic: Contest Bridge.
Mike, I remember CB well and still have a couple of the issues. I recall entering some of the contests; I believe I won $25 once. Part of CB’s demise was due to the difficulty of running a credible competition. Many of the bidding problems came from actual play ...
Master Classes: Bridge
Thank you to Brad Craig for his kind comment, above, about my books. I would not undertake to teach a “Master Class” of advanced/experts. I doubt they could learn much from me since for the past 35 years I have focused on writing newspaper columns and other material mostly ...
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Mr. Caprera, Your posts are thoughtful, temperate and articulate, so with due respect ... I am a practicing Episcopalian, and as such I embrace the principles of forgiveness that Christ taught. I often hear “forgiveness” mentioned in discussions of how to deal with proven cheaters, as well as words such as ...
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
Mr. Bayone, I don’t understand. Nobody has ever disagreed with me before. :) If you host 3000 tables of players who enjoy a strictly non-competitive experience (and perhaps act as recruiters), I admire you and am pleased for you and your club ... but we are comparing apples and tangerines. If ...
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