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Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
I agree with Mr. Jacobs that word-of-mouth is far and away the ACBL’s most effective marketing tool. Please refer to my post near the end of this thread.
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
In my opinion, the ACBL’s most valuable marketing tool, by a lot, is the proactive support of its current membership. It has been said that if every member recruited one new member, the membership would double, and I think that statement, though trite, contains some validity. If the figure ...
Mystery of Barry Crane
I recall an experience in a Regional Open Pairs in Mobile more than 40 years ago. I found myself at a table with three legends. I was playing with “The Elephant” -- Lou Bluhm -- and we’d had a 219 in the afternoon qualifying. I had basically sat in my chair ...
Mystery of Barry Crane
I must acknowledge that Ron Garber first cited S.J. Simon’s words in an excellent article about Barry Crane in the January 1975 issue of The Bridge World. Garber closed by writing that “Barry Crane is a Natural.” I am sure the Garber piece was familiar to me when ...
Mystery of Barry Crane
The sentiment comes from one of a series of articles I wrote in 1985 for the ACBL Bulletin (as its co-editor) about Crane’s achievements and persona. In discussing his unique style of play, I offered this: “S.J. Simon wrote that there are two kinds of bridge players, the ...
Wall Street Journal
Not so many years ago, one of AARP’s magazines had a feature article on bridge. They interviewed a couple of players who had won major ACBL Seniors events. At that time, I contacted AARP with a proposal and after some difficulty I corresponded with a senior editor. She was ...
Wall Street Journal
Indeed I could try, but the outcome might parallel the AFDA’s effort to market glass caskets: Remains to be seen.
Wall Street Journal
A newspaper bridge column is primarily an instructive feature, but in my opinion it must strive to be entertaining as well. The column often resides on the comics page, and readers — typically casual, social players — want a little light instruction and a little diversion. But it is difficult to achieve ...
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
I rarely post on BW about controversial issues; I am reluctant to have people tell me, with varying degrees of acerbity, that if my brains were dynamite, I couldn’t blow my nose. But if my friend Bobby Wolff, one of the game’s great players and personalities, can put ...
Dahl and Oshlag Win Silodor
Extremely proud of Mark and especially of my old friend and former ACBL colleague Richard. He checks my syndicated columns and regularly saves me from error. Mary’s decline has been difficult and stressful for Richard, but he has handled it with extraordinary courage and grace and has been the ...
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