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RIP Don Caton
Besides being a champion tennis player, Don was a capable attorney who served as the city attorney for Pensacola FL for decades. I remember playing against him back in the old days, and he was a tough opponent and always a gentleman. He had a partnership with Jim Barrow, who ...
Marshall Miles
Marshall Miles was one of my heroes. His landmark book “How to Win at Duplicate Bridge” made a significant impression on me when I was learning. In 1987, when Freddy Sheinwold invited me to be his collaborator (it was like being asked to play golf with Jack Nicklaus), I flew ...
Junior bridge is about fun
Mr. Caprera, well said. Still, outright psyching is not the only issue. A statement such as “My coach told me I can go (slightly?) crazy at favorable” sounds like instilling bad habits to me. In my curmudgeonly opinion, discipline is an effective bidder’s most valuable attribute and should be ...
Junior bridge is about fun
Enough, already. Sorry, but curmudgeonly me regards this episode with dismay, and I will say what I suspect some people are thinking. Undisciplined — make that, outlandish — actions that make a mockery of the partnership nature of the game are not my idea of fun, and certainly not to be encouraged ...
Overcall or NOT Overcall
I agree that most players would rather be in control as declarer than defend. This may be a product of the modern obsession with bidding methods, especially conventional methods, so that players spend too little time studying defense. It may be a product of an undisciplined bidding style, so that ...
Overcall or NOT Overcall
I will put my neck on the BW chopping block since this is an issue about which I feel strongly. Posters might regard Edgar Kaplan’s classic book “Competitive Bidding in Modern Bridge.” It was written years ago, before bidding descended into an undisciplined free-for-all, but it still contains some ...
Social Distancing? Here's a Digital Care Package
Nick deserves to be commended for his thoughtfulness. My syndicated column appears every day on Baron-Barclay’s website. I would hope people might find it enjoyable. Everyone be well.
Bridge Bulletin Staff Opening
Peg, my friend — and Ms. Devere and others, above — all I will say (again) is that people who have opinions about how the Bulletin is published or who are interested in the editorial position that has been posted may do best to go the horse’s mouth: approach the Executive ...
Bridge Bulletin Staff Opening
Karen’s comments are well stated and absolutely on target. The job description, presumably for duly considered reasons, states that the Associate Editor works at HQ. My impression, based on my tenure as the Bulletin Managing Editor, is that a bridge magazine is unique, and producing such a publication expeditiously ...
Bridge Bulletin Staff Opening
When I served as the Bulletin’s Managing Editor (for five years), I typically stayed at HQ and saw to the production of the monthly Bulletin when my two colleagues were away at the NABC doing the Daily Bulletins. I believe there is a similar arrangement now, so Bulletin editors ...
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