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July 10, 2011
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March 5, 2016
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Gender Standard for ACBL Events
In Australia, you're whatever gender you identify as (which is surprisingly inclusive and progressive for a country that doesn't yet have same-sex marriage). A committee that I was a member of had a query from a transgender person (MTF), and we were happy to clarify. However, she's ...
An even more modest proposal
Ian, there were dozens of tarnished world championships; if it had been left to the WBF, there would have been one more. They've issued a statement saying that we should ditch the lynch mob mentality, and while I agree with this in principle, they've done nothing to tell ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
I've played against Alex and also met him socially on some of his trips Down Under, and always found him to be personable, likeable guy, so I'm both saddened and surprised by this. But if memory serves correctly, Piekarek played with one of the German doctors many years ...
Bridge Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand
If you'll be close to the Sydney CBD, drop in to NSWBA. Sessions are at: Kings & Queens and Grand Slam are also reasonably central, or maybe Trumps or North Shore if you're north of the harbour bridge.
ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
I voted for the procedural penalty, but maybe split score would be a better way of putting it. Has West passed because he suddenly remembered on his own, or did he hear the explanation? You have to assume the latter, in which case he's basing an action on UI.
US Seniors Awarded Gold Medal at the 2013 Senior Bowl
It's great to see the German team being stripped of their medals. But I disagree that the medals should have gone up one place. Germany beat Indonesia in the quarter-finals and France in the semi-finals. If either of those had been the best (non-cheating) team in the event, how ...
Inverting 1H and 1S responses after a 1D opening. An almost complete first draft.
This is all very sleek, but too complicated, imho. In Australia and New Zealand, it's normal to play 3-card raises after 1D-1M, and then you can use science after that if you need to (but one expert pair assure me that judgement will do instead).
Do You?
This is a benefit to transfers that people forget about. If LHO had bid 2H weak takeout, both hands would have known he was weak, but if that's what he has only your partner will know.
3-card Limit Raise After a Jump Shift
4S is minimum with Spade support (assuming 1S-2S is 8-10 and 5-7 with 3 spades goes through 1NT). 3S is either 1) preference with a doubleton (pass 3NT or 4S, do something sensible over 4D) or 2) this hand (cue over either 4S or 3NT).
A six-five hand
I voted for Pass, but I stand by it because I don't agree with Partner's 3NT bid. With three aces and a King, a hand that could play best in any of four strains (NT, S, D or C) and no pressure, why the hurry? Double and even ...
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