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March 21, 2011
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Board 19 from the 09/17/2019 Common Game
You should read David Bird's book on leads against notrump.
Board 4 from the 09/17/2019 Common Game
Hi Doug … my only comment is after West has bid both majors, the chances of a diamond slam don't look good. If after East bids 3D, West (with only 4 hearts) might bid 3NT and a club lead through East will not be good. I think East has to ...
Board 1 from the 02/12/2019 Common Game
Your partner did not balance in with 3C?
Board 18 from the 02/05/2019 Common Game
I have already said if you feel 4C better defines the hand, ok, I don't have any argument against 4C.
Board 18 from the 02/05/2019 Common Game
In the auction here, East pretty much defines his hand with the rebid of 3C, I don't know that bidding 4C tells West any more information after bidding clubs twice 1C and 3C. West is the undefined hand and with the 4SF bid has captaincy of the auction. East ...
Board 10 from the 01/29/2019 Common Game
You can still do some counting. From the North you should have gotten a SK as the opening lead, playing A from AK and K from KQ this places the SA in West. So (as from above) … once you see West has the SA, count points East probably holds the ...
Board 10 from the 01/29/2019 Common Game
In my write up West lead the SA and then seeing the dummy with just one spade, shifted to a heart. So there are two rationales: 1st when West shifts to a heart, would West lead a heart from a holding such Qxx or even xxx, thus East must hold ...
Board 1 from the 12/11/2018 Common Game
To close the loop on this discussion, I talked with Jerry, and the real concern among experts on this auction is that partner with 5-spades and good values 10-11 hcp jumps to 4S. Jerry talked to a number of his partners and they all concur 3NT was the safest bid.
Board 1 from the 12/11/2018 Common Game
LOL I should probably find a graceful way of exiting an argument (sorry a discussion) with Jerry (I know I not going to win). With better hearts, AKQ83 or maybe KQJ103 or even KQJ93, I would bid 4H because it best describes values of my hand. With North preempting clubs ...
Board 1 from the 12/11/2018 Common Game
Hi Jerry … I personally don't like 3NT for two reasons: 1) I think 3NT understates West's values, West might bid 3NT with one less king/queen or 16-17 hcp. 2) I don't like hiding a 5-card heart suit KQ753. By doubling first West gets the best of ...

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