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Fred Ferguson
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March 21, 2011
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May 23
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United States of America

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Hilton Head Island, SC USA
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Board 16 from the 05/22/2018 Common Game
First, West's treatment of 3D is to be commended. It was much harder (if not impossible) for you to get to slam after, the 3D bid over 1NT forcing. One of the first bridge books I acquired was William Root, How to Play a Hand of Bridge .. in it ...
Board 12 from the 05/22/2018 Common Game
So East overcalled 2H on effectively 9 hcp and a heart suit J1097x filled with intermediates .. this is really bad bridge, regardless vulnerability. The shame is that he got away with a really bad bid and will now think is was good bridge and be encouraged to do it again ...
Board 1 from the 05/15/2018 Common Game
3C is the alternate place to play this deal, with combined 22 hcp, with combined 24 support points and with 10 clubs between them, E/W should always compete to 2NT or 3C.
Board 1 from the 05/15/2018 Common Game
Yeah, unfortunate for you, you have a heart stopper but North has a second club stopper.
Board 17 from the 05/08/2018 Common Game
oops ... I have gone back and edited to clarify East/West bidding
Board 17 from the 05/08/2018 Common Game
North opens 3C (actually makes finding slam easier) and East doubles for takeout ... after you (West) bid 3H, if East bids 4H it does not show the strength of his hand. East should bid 4C so the double and then cuebid shows the strength of his hand and while not ...
Board 1 from the 05/01/2018 Common Game
First, someone has misdirected you on the application of the Rule of 20 - North is NOT a Rule of 20 opening hand, but that is a whole different issue ... let me answer your question with respect to North (after initially passing) subsequent bidding. If E/W had bid two other ...
Board 5 from the 05/01/2018 Common Game
North's rebid of 2NT is maybe not the worst bid I have seen, but shhhhh! comes real close. 2D shows no extra values/length AND North only has 15 hcp with AK empty suits AND shortness in partners length.
Board 2 from the 05/01/2018 Common Game
Good for North! If you duck the first spade and aggressively play on diamonds, it will make 5 legitimately. But many not so aggressively will make the play for 4 instead of going down a zillion.
Board 3 from the 04/24/2018 Common Game
Tuesday 04/24/18 afternoon game. Hand #3. Got it? Your analysis: 3N+2 by N W made 5CxW

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