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Fred Gitelman
Fred Gitelman
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June 29, 2010
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about me

I was a serious (and occasionally successful) bridge player between the early 1980s and 2013. Now I am more or less retired from high-level bridge.

I am one of the founders of Bridge Base. I have been working full time on the development of bridge-related software since 1990.

United States of America

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Sheri Winestock
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Should players be allowed to compete in a second USBC after qualifying?
Suppose USBC1 winners can play in USBC2. Further suppose that, should such players win USBC2, they will no longer be part of the USBC1 team. Now, in light of such a rule, if you wanted to put together a contending team for USBC1, wouldn't you insist that your potential ...
What is the best Grosvenor Gambit you've seen?
How about a Double Grosvenor position like this: Q9xxx Axxx When you cash the Ace LHO follows with the 10 or Jack as RHO plays the King.
Homage to Michael Rosenberg
"Be Like Mike" was not about Michael Jordan for me.
The Next Step
This bothers me and it happens all the time: Some very strong and experienced player is on opening lead after (say) 1NT-P-P-P and goes into prolonged state of deep thought before leading some card (which is invariably a "normal lead" from a hand with a reasonable alternative lead). Seriously? Have ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
There is at least a little bit of "teaching" going on - I sometimes hire strong pool players to play on teams with me in tournaments (so far no APA tournaments but only because I normally play in BCA leagues - there is more than one ACBL in USA pool). For me ...
Adobe Flash: End-of-life and BBO
BBO has been working hard on an HTML5 client for the past 6 months or so. No promises but... 1) I am hopeful that the mobile version (Android and iOS) will be available within the next few weeks. We believe the new mobile client will be better than our existing ...
CAPLAN Upsets STRUL in Spingold Round of 128
Mark and David Caplan were my best friends in high school. They introduced me to bridge when I was 16 and we spent a big % of our of our waking hours in the early 1980s playing in club games and local tournaments. Mark (along with me, Geoff Hampson, Bronia Jenkins ...
Yeh Bros Cup 2017
What Barry said is true. We did spend quite a bit of time during the past couple of months putting together a good set of system notes. During the week before the tournament we spent a few hours each day doing bidding practice on BBO (as well as actually trying ...
Fred Gitelman Joins The Bridge World Magazine
Thanks everyone. As someone who has been a TBW addict for 35 years or so, this is a real honor for me, but it doesn't mean as much as some of you seem to think. Here is the story... I have been writing a monthly column in TBW (with ...
Time for a rethink
Richard said: "It probably takes years for any player to start to develop any kind of good new complex system on their own. That doesn't mean that players aren't going to want to try to do so earlier." Yes surely some will, but... - If you think "earlier" means ...

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