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Gábor Szőts
Gábor Szőts
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April 9, 2012
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Former electrical engineer (power system protection). Now resigned from work.

Used to play competitive chess, now active in computer chess testing. Fond of music, reading, various sports, games of logic.

Started to play bridge in 1974. Won my first major tournament in 1980.

More interested in bidding than in card play.

I used to be a regular commentator at BBO.



Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Hungarian teams champion in 2011 and 2012, Hungarian IMP pairs champion in 2014. Once I executed an entry-shifting squeeze at the table.
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
1m-2m-2H showing a balanced hand
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Many say South would have doubled 4 with the A. I don't buy that argument. However, the BIT clearly suggested an ace (he may have tried to figure out which suit a double demanded). IMO, that ace could have been in either of the minors, the A is ...
Am I right or wrong here?
I guess 5NT was a general grand slam invitation. Opener looks at his hand and if he has a source of tricks he bids the grand, otherwise he shows his kings. Opener denied a hand which can count to 13 so now he re-evaluates his hand whether he has something ...
Or 2NT=diamonds, 3=clubs (forcing). Has the advantage of opener being able to bid his clubs over 2NT. The disadvantage is that you can't play 3 but it is not easy to win the bidding with clubs anyway.
After a quantitative 4NT
Again and always, thanks for your votes and replies.
What does 4NT mean here?
Thanks for the replies.
What does 4NT mean here?
I meant 1-2-2 did not show 6.
What does 4NT mean here?
No, we used Bergen raises.
What does 4NT mean here?
Well, in fact the only agreement was that rebid of the M does not show 6. Whether e.g. the 2NT rebid showed extras was not discussed. This was not a regular partnership and they did not have time to go into details. I would say both partners expected 2NT ...
News from the Hungarian bridge lovers
Just returned from the play, somewhat exhausted. In my opinion, it is a bit demanding to watch those tablet screens for several hours (we played 60 boards yesterday and 44 boards today). However, the software is excellent, it provides everything you (or at least me) could imagine. The staff does ...
Off topic
Thank you for your replies. I am writing this in Firefox and the background is blue (which turns grey when I remove the mouse pointer from this box). Issue solved, I think. Only, something happened with either the forum software or the browser.

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