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Gary Ansok
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March 9, 2012
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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: Q QJ92 J QJT9842
6 would probably be my call without any UI, but I did seriously consider Pass (making it an LA) and 6 is suggested over that by the UI. So if I bid, I would expect the director to roll back the contract to 6 (unless 6 ...
A pet peeve in club games
I find that about half the time I put out the third pass card, the next player (who made the last bid) puts out a fourth one. Not a problem (unless it is something other than a pass), but I keep imagining the series of passes going around and around ...
3-way KO match
Alex, those are the tie breakers for head-to-head matches, not 3-way matches.
An Absurd ACBL Procedure
I played in at least one tournament where they asked N/S to move the boards, which sounded like an excellent idea to me. However, it didn't catch on. Most likely, there were too many boards delivered to the wrong tables. E/W have the obvious hint of "find ...
Gary Ansok's bidding problem: A 2 KJ8532 KQ954
At the table, I did pass (thinking the opponents must be ready to outbid me in a major), and we ended up with a 29% board. Partner had K9863 / A98 / A9 / T72, and we can make 5 of either minor. Many pairs were in 4 of a minor, perhaps after ...
What do you say? (Part 2)
I'm not consistent on either part, but I answered with what I use most often. For this one, personally I think I would tend to say "Queen" in this exact case, but "Club" (or similar) if it was a low card in dummy.
Puposely revoking
It's possible that the player never realized he had a second spade -- perhaps the other one was sorted with the clubs. Perhaps a Player Memo is the most appropriate action after all. If the player is seen to be doing this sort of thing repeatedly, appropriate charges can be ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: J7532 QT 4 AQ963
How many hearts are in this deck, anyway?
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
You could end up with a pair or player looking at a club game and figuring that no matter how well they perform, their rating can only go down because of the limited points available. That sounds like a problem for a rating system to me. How likely this is ...
No more sit outs at our bridge club!
Not even as long ago as "a couple of months back" -- the article is in the July 2017 Bulletin, page 32 ("Eliminate Half Tables From Your Games").

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