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Gary Leung
Gary Leung
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Oct. 9, 2018
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Bidding enthusiast.

Thinks that any artificial calls are allowed, but psychic bids should be banned.

Willing to see the dominance of computer in the game of bridge. 

Hong Kong

Bridge Information

Favorite Conventions
Gazilli (any form); 1M - 2C nebulous FG
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Rice Bucket
1 of a suit unlimited, 2 of a suit intermediate and natural. (AKA F8s)
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Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Have you heard of semi-forcing 1NT? I think they mean the same thing......
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Where could I find the reference of the "Grandma's Bridge Rule"? I cannot follow the analogy. Of course, if you jump rebid, you are expecting to make with decent chance in some of the suits you have bid.
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
IMO, if one really get a near-2 opener, they should Dbl. Other suit bids are constructive but NF. Jump bids will show length, but not necessary strength.
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: KQ98 --- AKQ85 KQ74
I meant responders, sry
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: KQ98 --- AKQ85 KQ74
In case you are still interested in rational discussion, let me further elaborate. You have suggested the standard method that could be applied in slam-try sequences (I agree this is standard, and I play something similar with my partner too). However, partner should be able to apply the right judgements ...
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: KQ98 --- AKQ85 KQ74
I voted for 4 before I saw any of the discussions. Please show some respect.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: KJ2 KQT3 987 AQT
I think I won't even double 1H with many 10-points and a stiff heart hands.
Robert I. Eachus's bidding problem: AQJ82 4 97 T9742
Would partner expect I have 6 cards in spades after my 3S rebid? I didn't open 1S or 2S.
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: KQ98 --- AKQ85 KQ74
If we have a very solid partnership, 4C would be a good choice. For example, after 4C, there should be some method for partner to show (1) whether s/he likes clubs or diamonds, (2) whether s/he encourages slam, and (3) shows controls. If your slam try method does ...
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: KQ98 --- AKQ85 KQ74
I would assume partner has 3 diamonds. With 5 clubs, partner is likely to respond 2C. I would bid 4D to set trump.
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