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Geoff Hampson
Geoff Hampson
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June 27, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I have been a full-time pro for about 15 years. I can't think of any better way to make a living.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Rosenblum 2010
Bridge Accomplishments
Many and varied
Regular Bridge Partners
Greco, Rodwell, Jacobus, Meckstroth, Cheek, Grue, Gitelman, Levin
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Favorite Tournaments
NABC's world championships, cavendish Calcutta
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Where is Everyone?
I did manage to bid 3 times, eventually to 5Hx, on a hand the robots would never have bid at all. (not a winner for us)
Book recommendation please (or other material)
You two will be playing together sometimes? I saw a nice book called "Divorce after 50" which might help. ;) Looks like you squeezed in your diving trip just in the nick of time, well done!
Where is Everyone?
I always wondered what it would take to get a session with 2NA, I am in, I will email.
1C (1H) X = 4+spades
I think you may find what whatever you use 1NT for you will have trouble over 3+level actions figuring out S lengths for opener and responder. If you solve what to do over 4HPPDblP lemme know, I ditched the method after one too many mishaps.
Group think on Bridge Winners
you missed a comma, dick!
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
Thanks for all the detail! Hope you and your family get/stay well.
I have long maintained that the POKER world is a promising and untapped market of future bridge players. With all of the poker rooms closing for the next few+ weeks perhaps advertising on the online poker sites with a link directing to a starter site for beginners, maybe just comparing ...
Group think on Bridge Winners
I certainly have erased many typed comments simply because I don't want to field a barrage of attacks on my unpopular position. I think you have a point.
It Happened One Day
Hypothetically, Would a better player be more able to direct a more effective lead in an unbalanced partnership than the lesser player? I wonder if there was any strong difference in the Fantunes leads or the Fischer-Swartz leads? Perhaps those pairs were too close to equal.
Now is the time for ACBL to launch a MASSIVE marketing campaign to the many homebound groups and families aimed at providing hours of entertainment for those groups in isolation. What better way to spend hours on end with your family than learning and playing this fantastic game together? There ...

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