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George Cuppaidge
George Cuppaidge
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George Cuppaidge is suspended indefinitely from Bridge Winners . Reason: consistent rudeness and refusal to reform

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Jan. 27, 2016
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April 23, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. The only real bridge I play is when a bridge player visits, otherwise it is with randoms on bbo. Don't underrate that, it is a great way to check out theories, albeit unilaterally. I open all tens, unilaterally, and it is rarely wrong. Never wrong when done bilaterally. I do not make a negative double on hands below game-going strength when no natural bid is available, simply pass. This works too.


On my occasional trips to Australia I will play a llittle real bridge. I have often played at the now infamous Pattaya-Jomtien BC.


Australian Grand Master


I am always working in my mind on the optimum bidding system. My Jorj Club as posted on BW is as far as I have got and I am very happy with it. It is the result of years of evolution. The big step was taking out all 4-5s, three-suiters and club single-suiters from my minimum range opening one-bids, 10-14 points, and opening them with a two-bid. This means my 1C is only ever balanced, or strong with a club suit. Very helpful in competition.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Taking Garozzo and Omar to the cleaners.
Bridge Accomplishments
An Australian Individual, an Australian Senior Pairs, an Australian Seniors team, two Victor Champion Cups and a Gold Coast Congress Pairs second. Blue Ribbon Pairs, second. Many state titles.
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no regular partnerships for years.
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Better than Michaels.
With 12+ points, I bid 3D, if partner bids 3H I raise to game, over 3S I take my chances in 3NT. With a weaker hand, I bid 3H play there unless partner bids 3S, which I pass. Game bidding is not an exact science.
Better than Michaels.
A very perceptive remark Jackson. But how often to you get to play in the two level in fit with a five-five? Never Get your hand off your chest in one bid and leave the opponents guessing. It is worth an extra level of bidding to say so much, and ...
Better than Michaels.
Strange, the rudeness I perceive does not come from me. Read my reply to you again Ed. You, Oren, don't bother.
Better than Michaels.
Nice to hear from you again Ed. The variations I refer to are both published here, there is the strong club, five card major variation, and the strong club four card major variation. Jorj Club uses my personal preference, 1NT as the system strong bid. I hope you will have ...
Better than Michaels.
Thanks Howard for picking up on my typo which I have now corrected. Reference back to the article proper, by Onno, would have shown him this. To someone with a brain, it should be clear that I would not use two bids to show the same hand, both minors. He ...
Better than Michaels.
Over 1S, 3C shows hearts and clubs, 2NT shows hearts and diamonds, 2S shows both minors. Over 1H, 3C shows spades and clubs, 2NT shows spades and diamonds, 2H shows the minors. With most five-fives I am more than happy to compete, at least, to the three level, especially when ...
Better than Michaels.
When you read something you do not understand, either read it again or go away. To comment before you have tried to understand is a waste of my time, your time and everyone else's time. I am not here to help you to understand English. Give the writer the ...
Better than Michaels.
It is nice of you both to come to the support of poor Nuno, but my curtness was directed primarily at another person. But re Nuno, does he want me to re-write the article for him? Surely he can be a little more specific. My reply to Martin Wuest summmarises ...
Better than Michaels.
To bid 2NT over 1C shows diamonds and a major. Or, optionally, diamonds and major or both majors. 3C asks for clarification, others correctable.
Better than Michaels.
Sry Nuno, you will have to rephrase your question. It is a question isn't it? It ends in a question mark. Or perhaps if you read the article you will be able to answer it for yourself.

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