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Georgiana Gates
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Feb. 6, 2011
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Jan. 19
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Retired from many years in the computer and oil business. Still trying to improve. 

United States of America

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What are your rights and obligations when you don't know who hessitated at the other side?
Some years ago, behind screens, we were in an uncontested slam sequence. Eventually I made a grand slam try. LHO (on my side) passed in tempo, and the screen came back with 7 and pass, after a definite pause. LHO led, and I claimed my thirteen tricks. However, it ...
Bridge From The Apocalypse
I went in March of last year, and it was wonderful - my family all wanted to go back. But not anymore, alas.
Episode 14: Meck
It's much faster to read a transcript, also. Thanks, John and Michael.
Episode 14: Meck
I may have my facts wrong (the first time in BW history?), but ISTR the late Alan LeBendig running up to me at a tournament to tell me of his "coup", at old scoring. The opponents had bid a vulnerable cold 7 and he saved in 7NTX. And he ...
Help needed: the heart of the matter?
I'm not a regular Precision player, but a few years back I had a Precision partnership. Partner opened 1M and I had an opening hand, but no interest in slam, so I bid 4M. IIRC, partner Alerted and said that I could have an opening hand. I don't ...
Another Fictional Bridge Reference
Love the part about "a small clique of fanatics".
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)
If you start a new subject every time somebody writes something silly on bridgewinners, the internet will become overloaded in about five minutes.
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
Has Michael been playing bridge when he should have been studying geography? :)
2/1 vs. Precision
@Robert: In one of my partnerships, we open 14-16 1NT in 1st and 2nd and in 3rd NV. We go down 200 sometimes in 1NT after 1x-1y-1NT (which is why we don't play 14-16 V in 3rd seat). And we play 2NT as 19-20 in these positions.
Off Topic: Happy Christmas
When could we not?
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