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Gerben Dirksen
Gerben Dirksen
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 1, 2011
Last Seen
July 19
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Bridge Director
about me

Originially Dutch, now living in Fürth, Germany. Silver TD. Played for Dutch U20 in Channel Trophy, German U25 in Euro championship.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against the stars in the Forbo, Verona Mixed Pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
Former Junior National Team player
Regular Bridge Partners
Norbert Stübinger, Michael Thomsen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Nürnberg Museum, Kultcamp Rieneck
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival, German Bridge Team Trophy
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gerben Dirksen - Oliver Hevemeier
2/1 GF
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Norbert Stübinger - Gerben Dirksen
Short !C with intermediate 2-bids
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Apologies to partner
On the first hand you played the odds by passing. You lost. Happens. On the second hand, you can employ control asking bids as described by "Preempts from A to Z". Surely partner will have K and a bid of 5 asks partner about his control. Once he ...
Defensive problem - protect your setting trick
Thank you for your comments. At the table, I shifted to a , Jack Ace ruff, and declarer figured that since I hadn't preempted and did not have A, I must have K. Declarer's hand was: Jx - KQJxx AQT9xx Luckily we managed to squeeze through the KO ...
Peter Jan Plooy's bidding problem: AJ643 AQ732 --- J42
Partner has interpreted your bidding as a slam try and is asking for KC. As I see no grand slam I just bid 6. Enough Aces partner.
But is bridge Fun?
What is fun in bridge? It's fun when a deceptive move works. It's fun when you pull off a squeeze or endplay, or when you work out the position and find it is exactly so. Even a disaster can be fun, maybe not at the moment it occurs ...
Looking for a Recommendation for a Berlin Duplicate Bridge Club
Hi Elianna, The website states that as a non-smoker you do not end up in the smoking room (I can understand this would be a KO criterion - it would be for me). Apparently you can register as smoker and if four of them are at the same table, their scoring ...
What happens after a psych
Well if the auction really went South: Pass West: Pass North: Stop! 2 - alerted and asked East: ... ... ... Pass I guess I would pass as South also. This is important information. If East tanked, South has not fielded the psyche. BTW if I were crazy enough to open 1 ...
Looking for a Recommendation for a Berlin Duplicate Bridge Club
The strongest bridge club in Berlin is Bridge Club Berlin 52 e.V. ( If you look at "Kontakt" you will find contact information of people who can help you find a partner in a strong game. Also note that the German national championship week is in ...
Couldn't locate the 4-4 fit after a simple auction
Up to 2 all is fine with me. Then I don't see however why South bids 2. He can just pass with a minimum and nothing to say. Then after North 3, 3 must show a 4-card suit (4351). With 3352, he would bid 3 ...
Bots Are Coming at You
Alan, getting into the minds of the opponents is even more essential at poker. And yet, the bot won even at no-limit holdem (limit holdem is easier for the bot). In a test match, Jack did badly against humans when they did something out of the ordinary (like opening 15-17 ...
Go for 6!c?
If possible I bid forcing Stayman 2 and after a 2M response I bid 3 to find out if partner's hand is somewhat suitable for 6. If not we play 3NT, if so we MIGHT play 6. But shooting 3NT seems a bit rash.

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