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Gerben Dirksen
Gerben Dirksen
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 1, 2011
Last Seen
Aug. 16
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Bridge Director
about me

Originially Dutch, now living in Fürth, Germany. Silver TD. Played for Dutch U20 in Channel Trophy, German U25 in Euro championship.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against the stars in the Forbo, Verona Mixed Pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
Former Junior National Team player
Regular Bridge Partners
Norbert Stübinger, Michael Thomsen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Nürnberg Museum, Kultcamp Rieneck
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival, German Bridge Team Trophy
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gerben Dirksen - Oliver Hevemeier
2/1 GF
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Norbert Stübinger - Gerben Dirksen
Short !C with intermediate 2-bids
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Gerben Dirksen's bidding problem: AQT9 652 A84 985
Partner hand is 2NT is winning if by bidding it you convince the opponents to bid 3 with nine Spades, if they don't you would have done better to pass.
Gerben Dirksen's bidding problem: AQT9 652 A84 985
It is not... responsive Dbl is agreed showing both minors.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: K9 J KJ8642 7543
I chose pass but haven't played Precision in a while so no idea how "crazy" that is. I felt it isn't as we probably belong in anyway and with points 20-20 and preempted, why not try to buy it cheap? But if it's bad bridge ...
for movement wonks only
Now that you have started with 6 tables with 10-12 sitting out but 19-21 in play, you can continue as 3/4 Howell 6 tables and 8 rounds but use 19-21 as substitute for boards 10-12. There will be a need to renumber the pairs, though. Less stressful perhaps would ...
Yordan Boychev's bidding problem: Kx AKJ854 Kx Axx
Good thing it isn't MP - then the problem would be even harder.
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
I have a blue T-shirt which states: "XX = asking for trouble" but this can also be misinterpreted I guess. So I stick to my red "X = T/O" t-shirt. I like the I transfers suggestion, though.
What are your preferred methods: priority to count or to attitude?
First discard in a suit contract is attitude, otherwise most signals are suit preference.
What are your preferred methods: priority to count or to attitude?
I'm in Europe and our agreement is only to give count when partner needs it. Otherwise 1st trick attitude, Smith Peter in NT, and lots of suit preference. I once had a partner who wanted the count almost everywhere it drove me crazy. So I know your distribution but ...
The system popular in my club includes 3NT opening showing a broken preempt in either minor, which is probably what you are looking for. The continuations are: * 4: Pass or correct * 4: Modified Keycard ==> Response 4 shows a suit, other bids respond to keycard with ...
All in Bridge
Just don't be too forthcoming with information, opponents are listening too. How about psyching the adjective :-)

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