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Giorgio Casinovi
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Dec. 3, 2016
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Burden Of Proof
According to [url=]this article[/url], the term "comfortable satisfaction" (referring to a standard of proof between "preponderance of the evidence" and "beyond a reasonable doubt") dates back to at least 1938. Not being a lawyer, I wonder if ...
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
I believe Nicolas is basically right. The ruling of the German Court is available in full [url=]here[/url]. Based on my very limited knowledge of German, my understanding is that the main reason why the Court vacated the ...
Web Page for Online College Bridge Championship
Given the way things are going in the USA it looks less and less likely that F2F bridge will be able to restart here in the Fall, at least not to a significant extent. In light of this I think it is reasonable to start planning another online college tournament ...
Web Page for Online College Bridge Championship
The team rosters have been uploaded to the Championship web page.
Web Page for Online College Bridge Championship
I'll look into collecting the team rosters and publishing them.
Web Page for Online College Bridge Championship
They probably didn't have enough players to put together another team :-)
Team Registration for Online College Bridge Championship
Sorry, I meant to post this in the Youth Bridge Education Forum, but somehow it showed up here. I started composing the article in the Youth Education Forum, I saved it to proofread it, edited it to make some minor changes, and unexpectedly it appeared in the main forum!
Giorgio Casinovi's bidding problem: Ax KTx AKQx Qxxx
I posted this poll because I was wondering whether 2NT might be a more descriptive bid with this hand (see also [url=]this thread[/url]). A 2NT rebid would make it easier for partner to pass or bid 3NT with only four hearths. On ...
Splinter or natural?
According to the 2017 Bridge World Standard, sec. I: [i]After a one-level new-suit response: responder's rebid of four of opener's minor is:[/i] (a) a splinter after opener's simple new-suit rebid; (b) natural and forcing after opener's simple or jump same-suit rebid.
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
As someone who's currently trying to master 2-way checkback, I completely agree with Craig's statement: the devil is in the details. To me, one important point that the partnership must be clear about is the length of responder's major suit in the invitational sequences. Specifically, if the ...
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