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Godefroy de Tessieres
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April 9, 2012
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Oct. 7, 2019
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Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
I dont get it. It says "Mr. Lanzarotti admitted cheating and explained what occurred. He made a complete disclosure and full apology". We dont know what exactly Mr Lanzarotti admitted, nor what was this "complete disclosure"... but we can read a 20 lines paragraph about how Richard Colker thought that ...
First trick decision in 6!H
Hopping with the Ace wins when the 5 of diamond is stiff and you can play heart for no loser, and loses when diamonds are K85 facing a singleton 4 and you have to lose one heart. If opponents always lead a diamond in this auction it seems very close ...
How would you rule ?
We cant really rule that the final contract is 7D because if South bid he is much more likely to bid 6h. However I agree that bidding 6H is a logical alternative (it would be my choice actually).
How would you rule ?
I guess you are playing imps. Bidding 6h is definitely a logical alternative here, and passing over 6 D is definitely easier with the BIT before bidding 4H. Therefore, the final contract must be IMO 6H. If I were the director I would ask a panel what would be their ...
Who's crazy ?
I would definitely not have bid 2H with the first hand, but it may be a matter of style. Passing over 1H with the second hand is beyond insane in my opinion.
How do you rule this claim ?
You forgot this "For the purposes of Laws 70 and 71, “normal” includes play that would be careless or inferior for the class of player involved." I believe that not taking 4 tricks on this layout would be more than careless or inferior for any class of player, but anyway ...
How do you rule this claim ?
East shouldn't claim when playing with a client, but still it's very unlikely that they manage not to take the four last tricks when both the Jack of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades are known to be with West. I wouldn't even call the director actually.
No, it´s not true. But i've heard from reliable sources that France is fielded by Martinique citizens not strong enough to play for Martinique.
Team Monaco does NOT withdraw from French competitions
Who doesnt, François? :)
The Third Pair
This excellent post by Sabine Auken reminds me a letter written by Ron Pachtman two or three weeks ago.
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