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Gonzalo Goded
Gonzalo Goded
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Feb. 15, 2013
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about me

I am a bridge pro living in Madrid (Spain), I have recently been married, got a daughter and started my own webpage


Complaints about my website's name to be delivered to Richard Pavlicek, who was the first to suggest that nickname here:


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reaching the final in NEC Cup 2008
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in 2005 Transnational, Won many spannish championships. Got a WBF's World Master Title
Regular Bridge Partners
Federico Goded and Jordi Sabate
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ATB - -930
North is the weak player Craig, West is usually fairly good.
For those of a certain age
Exactly what I meant, 1-round bidders are the ones that want to take silly risks. In Spain bridge was played with 6 denominations for several decades, the 6th one was "no tricks", and was higher than spades but lower than no trumps. It was pointless as people just overbid you ...
For those of a certain age
I am too old to vote as well. I play strong club and like relays, when talking to another strong club advocate, who had to give up on the system because of the constant overcalls he suggested the game would be better if the penalties were more harsh. I guess ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: 8x Kx A8x KQJ98x
If partner has singleton spade we have 5/6, if he has 2 spades we rather defend, so it pays to know your opponents.
ATB - -930
The poll should be about which of west's bids is more to blame.
You be the commentator
At the very least you are the first one who has realiced south also has to play at trick 1.
Opening 7NT
On the last set of a very important match, but which was basically over already, we had a long auction that finished with my partner using blackwood and then bidding the final 6. My RHO winked me and detached 6 from the pile to make it 6 ...
Opening 7NT
I remember my opponents (who would later be national representatives) rectified each other with their long suit, something like 2-3-3-4-4-5... after 3 rounds of rectifying one jumped to 7NT, not a success.
Bridge online tutorials for beginners?
To play against robots on mobile (mini bridge)
Walsh-style rebids after 1!C/!D - 1!H
Missing 4-4 fit is terrible at match points, not so bad at IMPs

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