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Gordon Bower
Gordon Bower
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Oct. 25, 2011
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Feb. 17
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Creator of the grbbridge package for LaTeX bridge typesetting.


In daily life, statistics consultant at Excelsior Statistics and Optimization; in bridge life, double-dummy simulation guru, teacher, and club director.

District 18 ACBL Board of Governors representative. Author of a "Hand of the Week" teaching column on my site (on hiatus now.)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 1960... without anybody at the table having done anything wrong!
Regular Bridge Partners
Tanya McCully, Doug Dorland, Gavin McGimpsey (formerly: Michael Schmahl, Mike Keller, Debbi Purvis)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Flathead Valley DBC (formerly Farthest North BC)
Favorite Tournaments
All the Montana sectionals; Victoria BC
Favorite Conventions
Legalize Wilkosz 2D! Two-way club systems; sweep cue-bids.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
New Convention Charts: Artificial? 2 Level Responses
I had a quiet word with the most frequent and best-informed director at my local club last fall, suggesting "perhaps you can quietly slip 'Open chart' in, telling the rest of the board it's the new default in non-MP-limited games, without them asking many questions about exactly what has ...
New Convention Charts: Artificial? 2 Level Responses
All the clarity in the world won't help, unless a) event sponsors say which chart is in effect and b) players actually read the charts. It's not like this is a new problem before. Same thing happened with the previous convention chart rewrites. Heck, there are clubs that ...
2!D opening
The whole world is still afraid of Wilkosz (any 5-5 with at least one major, weak) so it must be good :) I don't think it's really any harder to defend against than mini-Multi (possibly easier, since you have the same "which major is it?" problem but you have ...
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
"I have been predicting that somebody would invent a card game that would replace bridge, perhaps something that would still have the partnership feature, but would have little or no bidding." Spades was invented in the 1930s, for more or less that reason. It has its following, and is a ...
Does it matter how many points the opponents show?
If you write A space Q space 10 space 8 space 4, or A-Q-10-8-4, you can get away with using "10." If there are no spaces (as in OP), AQT84 is going to trip people up. In the LaTeX script I use for preparing lessons, I can choose whether to ...
Experts playing against newcomers and director calls
Failing to call the director after attention is drawn to an irregularity is illegal, both for you and for the novice, and we want them to learn the rules correctly. Asking the director to waive a penalty (or, for instance, deliberately leading an extra round of trumps so that a ...
Weak Jump Shifts or Soloway Jump Shifts
Yes. WJS occur 1/3 to 1/2 as often as strict Soloway style strong jumps, and far less often than things like Bergen raises.
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
"We find almost no players who truly are not trying to learn, and/or who are not actually improving." With the exception of some longtime players who continue to come every week in their last few years of life, I find the same. The flip side of that is "the ...
First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)
I am glad to hear both that we are exploring some nontraditional sites, and that we have an actual number for space (which we may well expect will soon shrink, so we can keep anywhere between 100k and 140k in mind for down the road.) I do feel we have ...
Help for clubs coming says Joe Jones at NABC
Sorry, I got my numbers swapped: the unit was incorporated as a 501C7, and created a separate 501C3 -- under the "exclusively for educational purposes" clause -- so that the latter could operate the building and enjoy tax benefits. (And, in the process, lost the ability to do various things it might ...

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