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Greg Lawler
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March 19, 2011
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about me

I am a math professor at the University of Chicago who played more bridge when I was younger (became LM when I was 22 in the late 1970s) but have played only infrequently in the last twenty years.  

United States of America

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Isn't the score for USA-2 vs. Denmark in the d'Orsi wrong?
I have been the operator and found at trick eight that I entered the wrong card at trick three and the whole play makes no sense at that point. So tempo of play does not imply for sure that there was no error.
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
This is clearly an error --- my guess is that Norman Bach had a wife who played under the name Mrs. Norman Bach (not unusual in those days to write names like this) and maybe they partnered in the open series in 1968 which meant that there was an extra "Bach ...
Isn't the score for USA-2 vs. Denmark in the d'Orsi wrong?
It is possible that the vugraph operator misentered a play earlier in the hand and could not correct the error. So what you saw might not be the actual first 7 or 8 tricks. When this happens, the operator often just stops and waits to see what the result is ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
I think LeBron James has only played for the US and on US teams. I am not sure why he is being mentioned.
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
This ruling is actually not inconsistent. In the case of cheating scandals, teammates of convicted cheaters for whom there is no reason to believe were aware of the cheating are not found guilty of anything. However, because the cheating could have (and probably did) contribute to the final placement of ...
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
At least double dummy this allows declarer to pitch a loser on a black suit loser to break communication
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
Does anyone else find the last sentence rather eerie: Team Zimmerman ... acknowledges the importance of keeping all drugs out of sport and the necessary work undertaken by the World Anti-Doping Agency in this regard.
World Team Championships in China
Earlier for the first match would be good for the Western Hemisphere fans for which that is the only match they can watch.
World Team Championships in China
And it is really not that dismal.
Slap in the Face
Given that we now know the kinds of signaling Fisher-Schwartz were using, I think there is a good chance we could make a strong legal case to justify finding them guilty of cheating in this tournament. I think it would be very difficult to do something without knowledge of signaling ...
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