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Grigory Vinevich
Grigory Vinevich
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April 4, 2012
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Oct. 15
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I think that with Kit's methods it would go just dbl-3, since double always promises .
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Club game, 2 lols. The bidding goes 1NT(15-17) - all pass. The dummy comes down with some balanced, normally looking 11 count. Still there are 8 obvious tricks and no chances for 9th. After writing -120 and seeing that all other tables are in 3NT-1, my partner asked the dummy ...
Friend or Faux?
If declarer has Kxx, East must have a singleton. But probably at your table East was RR who thought that the contract is 6NT and didn't ruff Papa's heart continuation...
Banned from Bali? Not exactly, but...
Felix, if this is just "unfortunate incident" I think it still can be fixed. But this thread is now 4 days old and similar thread on Mr. Wald FB page is 6 days old. I mean that Indonesian side could somehow react to all this buzz during these days. But ...
Banned from Bali? Not exactly, but...
Felix, let me try to explain the situation by an example: Imagine that you want to order a room in some hotel. Imagine also that you have some specific problem which is important to you - say, you hate pink color and you want to be sure that the walls in ...
Banned from Bali? Not exactly, but...
Jonathan, I've read again the whole thread and haven't found any remark about Indonesian nation. There were some remarks about "Indonesians" or "Indonesian side", but all these, however critical they were, addressed solely Indonesian bridge federation. Nobody tried to suggest that whole Indonesian nation is responsible in any ...
Banned from Bali? Not exactly, but...
@Giles Hancock. When some people choose to ignore, hate or express any other negative feelings to some other nation as a whole, they call it "racism". In case of Jews or Israelis, there is even more specific term - "antisemitism". So I don't wonder why people ignore my nation - the ...
Banned in Bali
Some more food for thought: In 2009 Israeli tennis player, Shahar Peer, was denied a visa to United Arab Emirates and could not participate in Dubai championship. WTA made it very clear to the organizers that this is completely unacceptable - they were fined a $300,000. Wall Street Journal terminated ...
Concealed Spot
That's exactly why I thought 4 is correct. Partner is expected to have about 6-7 HCP. If he has A (which is quite likely ), he cannot have more than 1 Q or K. I have 2 weak suits. If pard has something in , my holding ...
Question About Alert Failures
I think that there are too many unknown facts here. We don't know how the bidding went after 2, for example. Also, both OP and you assume that the offending side would make the right decision after 5,which is to double. Are you sure that 5 ...

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