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Sept. 1, 2015
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Oct. 3
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Brad Craig's bidding problem: Q 83 A86432 KJ53
Since I´m passed 1nt is 2 places to play, x would tolerate any of the unbid, will never do worse then playing a 4-3 clubfit. Passing 1 sp in matchpoints just isn´t an option and I think the dimond suit is to weak to bid it blocking a ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q7 T42 AT42 AJ73
with that hand the bidding goes 1c-1s-2d-p;2h-p-3c-p///
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: K9 J KJ8642 7543
1NT assuming that is forcing, would choose that wether or not 2/1 is gameforcing, even though I have a 6 card suit it is not that good and I only have 6 active points.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q7 T42 AT42 AJ73
2 dimonds, now I have shown values in dimonds and 9plus hcp and if p does not have the majors guarded for NT and supports dimonds I know we have a double fit, if he rebids clubs I have super-support. Barring some advanced agreement and gadgets in this situation I ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KJ8754 --- AKQ96 A8
I think the logic for guessing p to be more likely to have the A of hearts then the ace of spades if he holds one is flawed. If p has one and opps have one, p has 4 spades at least and opps 3 spades max so odds favour ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 532 QJT52 KQ9 63
I think this holding is worth 8.5 points and should always bid 2NT, imps and mp's. Do players really count QJ108x as 3 points?
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: AK3 AKT876 A7 J8
4nt then pull to 5 h, keeping open the possibility for p to raise to slam
Correcting a correct but mistaken explanation
The opponents are entitled to correct explination of the bid but not what you actually hold.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: Q5 A63 AQ852 542
It all depends on your agreemrnts, my system offers a 4nt bid and if I get the expected 5cl respond I can now bid 5 dimonds suggesting good values/slam going instead of a 5 dimond direct which would be a weeker hand.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: A76542 Q8 Q754 4
They have at least an 8 card fit in clubs to run to amd dimonds could be breakin really badly for us, I also dont like the higly likely lead of king of spades with p having 1 and west 0. My best change of getting a plus score is ...

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