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Guy Mendes de León
Guy Mendes de León
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May 27, 2014
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Sept. 19
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I'm a Dutch junior

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Plan the play in 4!S (II)
That makes my line worse, especially if my LHO doubles aggressively as well. Than I need to reconsider and know whether they can open a weak 2 in diamonds and whether they'd do that with a 5card suit.
Plan the play in 4!S (II)
I'll play RHO for a 6-4 in hearts and diamonds, which seems the most likely, unless I play against an aggressive junior. I'll play the queen of spades in trick 3, hoping that west has a 4-5-1-3 distribution and I can strip and end play him with the ...
Guy Mendes de León's bidding problem: KJT J76 K75 8732
3 is almost certainly a 4card raise. In practice I passed 'cowardly', looking too much at my own hand instead of the entire board. In hindsight I agree with the majority that voted for 3.
Guy Mendes de León's bidding problem: KJT J76 K75 8732
Partners hand was AQxxxx T QTxx Ax 4S was making, if you pass you have +50
Play problem from Eurochampionships
LHO often leads his singleton spades, so that scenario is unlikely. Also this line picks up some 4-1 spade and 4-1 diamond breaks (with RHO holding 1 spade and 4 diamonds) using a trump coupe.

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