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Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Frances if 3NT is an offer to play does that suggest something like a 4333 shape? Also does that mean that raising to 4 shows the bad hand and a cue bid shows a slam interested hand?
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Agree Steve one of the big upsides to 3 being a slam try in is that we have a fully functional cue bidding sequence.
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
If X is more flexible as it is for me then 3 is a general game force and in the first instance looking for a hold for 3NT. Then the meaning of the rest of the auction is affected.
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Most of this is agreement stuff. You state that X shows 4. In my world we cannot go back to NT now and 3 is game forcing because opener has agreed . 3NT is either serious / non serious /l on agreement. In my main partnership 3NT is serious ...
Hamish Brown's bidding problem: K AKQJ98765 A 65
we play a version of Mosca and so forcing 1 opening. but we play 4 as this hand solid suit 17+ HCP
Two Step Slam Dance
The problem with raising to 4 is the cramping of slam interested auctions. I spent quite a lit of effort designing methods where every slam interested auction could be expressed by 3 so that the exploration could happen below 4. Apart from splinter hands. I guess a ...
Two Step Slam Dance
Yes 1 - 1 2 Is 5+ 3 or 4 with a singleton. With 3 and 4 we prefer 1 to the 2 raise. With 2425 we would also bid 2 if we did not open 1NT. The range is 9-14 ...
Two Step Slam Dance
We have good methods for these types of hands. Transfer responses to 1 and weak NT. 1 - 1 1 - 3 1 = 4+. Zero plus points 1 = 16-19 balanced 4 3 = balanced slam try forces cue bidding. 3NT after 3 ...
How do you ask for aces?
Michael, i am interested your preferred methods over 4 suit setting. We cue bid then turbo but in a new partnership i might cue and use 4NT as key card. What do you consider optimal?
How do you ask for aces?
You can ask for 10s if you make 3 gerber

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