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Some Deals Are Just too Tough
I love strong1NT overcalls we bid 1NT as often as possible. A bit off shape with holds and (14)15-18. 5 card major in a balanced hand all good. Only 3 small clubs after a 1C opener... if you have good methods a 1NT overcall sets the tone for the ...
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
The solution is to remove the 3 card limit raise from the 1NT response. In partnerships where i play bergan we use 1 - 3 and 1 - 2 to show the 3 card limit raise. In my main partnership we play a MOSCA varient so 2NT is ...
Do you play your 2!D opening as a weak 2?
1st. 9-12 5+ unbalanced 2nd weak only multi 4-7 6 card major. Maybe Flannery. I can understand this use in terms of its ipside when you open 1
...and it all went horribly wrong...
Thx Ian. Cool hand
...and it all went horribly wrong...
we can open 1 forcing and 5+ 1 - 1NT 3 - 4 4 - 5 5 - 6 7NT 1 = 5+ forcing 1NT = game forcing either balanced or or 3 = solid suit setting except if responder bids 4 ...
One-Notrump Opening v Three of a Minor Rebid v Two-Notrump Rebid
I like your use of 2 Currently for us 2 is minimum with 6. After 1 - 1 With 4351 we bid 1 With 1354 we bid 2 After 1 responder can bid 2 2 2 all weak. 1NT is ...
One-Notrump Opening v Three of a Minor Rebid v Two-Notrump Rebid
For us 1NT is also Gazzilli. Its a hand evaluation problem for us 1 showed 5 already. We have: 1 - 3 = 15-17 6 unbalanced 1 - 2NT = 18-19 a 3 relay now finds the 6th 1 - 1 1N - 2 3 ...
multi part bidding question
I think opening marginal. Having opened 1 i think any of pass, 2 or 4 are ok. 3 is worse on the third turn than 4, pass is much better than both 4 and 3. The problem with 1 at all is ...
SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 1
The main thing is that Bot bridge is not a partnership game it just approximates a partnership game. I agree players should not learn by playing with robots it would lead to a kind of bridge autism.
SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 1
Thanks for this Michael. A fascinating article. Playing robots i tend not to open the flat hands with less than 14. This leads to quite a few hands passed out and some interesting balancing situations. The bots count perfectly so there are quite a few pickups when the bots treat ...

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