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Han Peters
Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician, working at the University of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with Meike Wortel and our 1-year old son Lars. 

I learned to play bridge in the United States; first in Michigan, and later on BBO. I've been back in the Netherlands since 2009, apart from some time spent in Oslo. 

I currently play in the Dutch league for Witte Huis 3, and we just promoted to the highest division. From what I hear 't Ontstein is quite scared already.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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Punch the Chump
Of course you can agree anything you want to, and if the rules are simple then that is definitely a plus.
Punch the Chump
Neither of you has said anything about shape yet, and pass is not forcing. I don't see how you can afford to play penalty doubles here.
Punch the Chump
Shouldn't south double 2S instead?
New Tricks is back!
Very well made, looking forward to the next installment.
The Missing
I can only guess what Jacco was thinking during this curious auction. I doubt he bid 7 because of the break in tempo.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: JT952 A2 A92 JT3
Really difficult to pass, none vulnerable at matchpoints.
Should partner have made 3N?
1C was strong.
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)
No offense, but I think you're completely crazy. What's next, prealerting that you may not give the proper count card when it can cost a trick?
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)
If you start a new subject every time somebody writes something silly on bridgewinners, that may not necessarily reduce the amount of silliness.
Not playing support doubles I think that is a good solution, even though you will be doubling on a lot of different hands, both in terms of strength and shape, that may be difficult to untangle later. Playing support doubles, the standard is probably to use 3H for strong hands ...

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