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Han Peters
Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician, working at the University of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with Meike Wortel and our 1-year old son Lars. 

I learned to play bridge in the United States; first in Michigan, and later on BBO. I've been back in the Netherlands since 2009, apart from some time spent in Oslo. 

I currently play in the Dutch league for Witte Huis 3, and we just promoted to the highest division. From what I hear 't Ontstein is quite scared already.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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This is NOT "You Be the Judge", but opinions needed
2NT could work out better when partner has a normal double with 3 spades and 4 clubs.
Han Peters's bidding problem: KQ63 AJ7532 82 A
Partner had Axxx Kx AKQTx xx.
Light Overcall
I once opened 2H on a 2-5-3-3 shape, white against red in third seat, showing 5 hearts and a 4-card minor. It seemed right at the time, better than passing or opening multi. Of course partner had no idea that this was a tactic I might use, I would not ...
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
3C: four-card support, bit better than 3H.
Monty Hall, Restricted Choice & Vacant Spaces
I found the difference I think. I had west leading a heart from KJT, you didn't.
Monty Hall, Restricted Choice & Vacant Spaces
Phillip, it seems you didn't exclude west holding JT of hearts in your spreadsheet.
Monty Hall, Restricted Choice & Vacant Spaces
Here is what I would change in your assumptions Phillip: - Don't allow a 1NT bid with 6 HCP, Qxx of spades and at most 1 control. It probably won't matter much for the percentages, but it hurts to think about such a call. - Since you require a heart ...
Monty Hall, Restricted Choice & Vacant Spaces
If east-west play weak notrump the odds are indeed overwhelmingly in favor of the finesse.
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Michael R, humor is often lost when written. I didn't intend my post seriously, and I don't know you well enough to judge Yours. Michael A, my argument to you was poor, I'll come back to it later.
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Andy, since David Burn was here before I was, everything had been said. I merely tried to find conditions under which Steve Bloom was correct. Michael A, the quote from Phil may be correct, but it does not reflect upon the current problem. The suits are not equal here. For ...

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