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Hank Eng
Hank Eng
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Basic Information

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Feb. 24, 2012
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July 4
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Bridge Player
about me

In the mid-90s I created a bridge systems website, then I stopped playing bridge when I went to graduate school and started working.  In Aug 1996 I helped Texas A&M win the ACBL Collegiate Team Champtionship. In 2007 I really re-started playing bridge a lot.  I've always loved bidding theory, but recently I've discovered the joys and pains of partnership defense.  In 2016, I started teaching new/advancing bridge players.  Unfortunately my health declined in 2017.  In 2020, I will re-start my teaching career in chemistry at UNF in Jacksonville, FL.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first planned double squeeze.
Regular Bridge Partners
polish club with Brian Bankler, simple 2/1 with RT, 2/1 with wk nt with CDM
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, San Antonio/Austin/Las Vegas/Reno/San Diego/Houston regionals
Favorite Conventions
Takeout dbl; xfers (including xfer advances), polish leads or coded T's & 9's in the middle of the hand
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Polish with Brian
Polish 1C (usually weak NT), UDA (obvious shift)
Copy to my cards View/Print
v6.5 xfer Walsh
in midchart xfer Walsh, 2/1, weak NT, UDCA
Copy to my cards View/Print
Preferred Method (if Any) for Showing “Bust Hand” After Partner’s Strong 2!c Opening
I prefer to bid 2 first to hear partner's rebid/suit, then i'll judge to give a second negative (cheaper minor or 3H over 3D) or not. With novice partners who insist on 2 double negative, I warn them that my double negatives are 0-3 hcp ...
Defence to Bergen and the like
My partner and I have agreed on the following: double of limit is lead directing, and double of the constructive raise is takeout. Double then double is takeout; pass then double is takeout, but de-emphasizing the bid minor. Cuebidding the major is Michaels. A direct 3N is unusual for the ...
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
Another of his wisdoms is "32 points doesn't make a slam." Of course, I must confess he mainly plays matchpoints, although he does win our sectional's swisses.
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
In San Antonio, one Platinum Life master's rules is "It's never Gerber." Given that the Grand Life masters in the area consider him the best player, I started to use that rule with a regular partner, and I found we rarely had a misunderstanding, although my opps looked ...
1NT-4!s: What is “expert standard” (if anything)?
Yes, the 1N (or 2N) - 4S vs 4N quantitative invites are a great way to differentiate your slam tries: 1N-4N I may be aggressively inviting; you need a max. 1N-4S I have the nuts; do not downgrade unless you must. Once with Brian, I downgraded a subminimum 5332 1N opener ...
Third Seat Opening in BBO
In the St Louis 0-10K Swiss, my opponent's complained about my third seat NV 1 opening (approximately xxx xxx xxx KQTx). We were losing big. My opponents missed a 3N game, but won the match. Afterwards, my incensed opponent complained to the director (I think it was Guillermo ...
SMP/Meck Lite auction question
What about 2N asking for a minor? Like Minor Suit Stayman after Stayman? Responder may be 0=4=(54) or 1=4=4=4; a minor slam may make (perhaps responder bids 3H/S to show the splinter when opener shows a minor).
Hank Eng's bidding problem: 4 AJ95 KQJ8 K986
The IRL (in-real life) options on BBO last night were: (a) pass, (b) 2H, (c) 3H, and (d) 4H. I didn't realize there were four options. I chose, what I thought would be the normal rebid: 3H. Partner went on to 4H, and we won 7 imps. I wondered ...
Support doubles
This. I used to play it off when responder showed a 5-card suit; but in very competitive auctions, my partner, or myself, were guessing if we should go to the 3-level. Using support doubles, at least one player (the responder) will know the number of trumps and can make the ...
Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
My meta-agreement is: unless a specific sequence is artificially agreed otherwise, over any invitational bid (like 3 here), any bid is forcing to game. You cannot invite an invite.

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