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Harrison Russin
Harrison Russin
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Feb. 14, 2018
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Oct. 29, 2019
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about me

I took an introduction to bridge class at a community center in 2010, enjoyed the game, but stopped playing when I started graduate school. Getting back into it now (2018), and it's great!


I started re-learning bridge because my wife wanted a game we could play together, and she did not want to play chess.


I am a PhD candidate in historical musicology at Duke University, and a lecturer in liturgical music at St Vladimir's Seminary. 

United States of America

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Bridge online tutorials for beginners?
Hands down, the best is the ACBL "Learn to Play Bridge" software: Unfortunately it is Windows only. There are a few YouTube resources, but none that are very comprehensive. The ACBL also has but that site is not very user-friendly ...
Suggestion for attracting younger players.
Good points, Simon. I point to chess & go because I think they are similar style games to bridge, and attract similar enthusiasts. I agree that the success of MTG is astounding, but I think the audiences are not as well aligned with bridge as are the chess/go/abstract strategy audiences. I played MTG in elementary school, and I loved it; I recently bought my 10-year-old nephew his first deck, and he loves it (he also is a big Yugi-Oh player, and perhaps Pokemon cards as well). But, obviously, the big difference between bridge and MTG is the fact that in MTG each ...
Suggestion for attracting younger players.
I think a more apt comparison for bridge would be seeing how well chess and go are doing. To offer a few numbers comparisons: , the Reddit chess forum, has about 89k subscribers; Reddit Baduk (go) has 15k subscribers; Reddit bridge has about 1k subscribers ...
Improving my bidding & defence skills
Thanks for the reply! I've been reading Lawrence's "How to Read" book, and I find it very helpful for my "bridge thinking" (my other favorite "bridge thinking" book is Victor Mollo's quiz book). But I find that the action at the table moves so quickly that these ...
Improving my bidding & defence skills
Thanks! I've received some of these titles in a big box o' bridge books from different sources. I look forward to working through them! Re: counting out a deal, any suggestions? I realize this is a fundamental skill.
In The Well: Jay Whipple
Thank you, Jay! Yes, I recently discovered the ACBL Feed—usually my first visit of the morning! Also, re: getting my generation into bridge, it's not too difficult to get them to like the game. There is a large subculture of millennial gaming (whether video games, computer games, or ...
In The Well: Jay Whipple
Mr. Whipple, Thank you for your time and responses! I am a young adult (31 years old) learning the game. I got into bridge from chess, but I have noticed many differences in the cultures (both online and offline) of the two games. A few things that I, as a ...
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