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Do you mean 6D Helene?
board 31 19th march, brazil v netherlands 2007
I’m not sure why south should duck a diamond. Play ace or king then a small one. You might end up making all 5 diamond tricks. If north only has 2 diamonds ducking wont help.
NSWBA Saturday March 16th / Practice Match Bd 23
Thanks Kate! This is perfect.
March 16 NSWBA Practice Board 28
I would bid 2H at this vul (5H 4 minor). Why not?
March 16 NSWBA Practice Board 27
I should bid 3H not 3D. They have shown 2 suits so a bid of one of the suits shows stoppers. From my perspective 3NT is still a viable option.
NSWBA Saturday March 16th / Practice Match Bd 23
It feels right to open this 4S but I am never sure when to open 1 and when to open 4. Does anyone have any guidelines please?
Board 5, 12 March, Italy vs Argentina
Instead of 3H south can double maybe?
Dummy (N) Qxx Declarer (S) Jxx Firstly assume split honours. If East has length, lead the Queen. East may duck. If West has length, lead the Jack. West might duck. We are hoping for the short hand to have Kx or Ax. If the hand with length rises, then next ...
Board 2 Bermuda Bowl 2007 12.Mar Italy vs Argentina
East was sleeping. North’s shape is most likely 2344 or 3244 so a heart lead is reasonable. But in mid game when west switches to king spades and small spade clearly east should wake up and give east spade ruff.
Board 2 Bermuda Bowl 2007 12.Mar Italy vs Argentina
In competitive auctions I think it’s okay to raise without showing extras. So perhaps East could bid 3 clubs and then I can bid 3 diamonds without partner thinking I have a whole lot more. What are others agreements?

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