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Helena Dawson
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Aug. 14, 2013
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Board 27, 14 May
Partner opened 1H as N. East doubled and I toyed with 2c drury. Luckily I came to my senses and bid 4H making 10. Concentrating on BBO is extra challenge not sure why. Maybe partly because it all happens much faster
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
My view is that north should bid 3spades over 3 hearts without it promising any more than a balanced 12 count. By not doing so it makes it very difficult to know what to do after the next double. Obviously this is just a matter of system agreement but that ...
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
Board 9 Practice 23 April - Poland v Sweden BB 2007
It's a pity you switched cards Kate. Rena will realise with her spades that you don't want spades and maybe will therefore realise it was suit preference any way!
Board 5, 23 April: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - Poland vs Sweden
At our table Helene opened 1S which I like. Bidding went 1S-2H-2S-2NT (enquiry) - 4S. Liz, I agree that voids make the hand potentially very powerful. I am interested in your reasoning behind preferring to preempt with 7042 as opposed to 7033?
Good Morning from Shanghai
It’s so nice to know you are still there ! Best of luck in China. May the bid be with you! Xx
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
I agree. I should take the club fitnesse
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
I agree Avril.. I should have bid 5c.
Board 4, 2nd April (USA1 v. Argentina)
At our table Helene doubled the 1C and I jumped to 2D showing less than opening values but 5-card suit. This was enough for Helene to jump to 3NT, played safely for 9 tricks.
Board 2 March 26
We do have an agreement here. The opps have shown both majors so we can bid 2D natural non-forcing, 2H good clubs, 2S good diamonds and 3D natural non-forcing with longer diamond suit. X is general values. So, I think North should bid 2D.

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