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Board 4 21 May practice - BB 2007 Sweden v Netherlands QF 1/6
I also bid 4H agressively on a 5 loser. I got a favorable d lead. And now i didn't apply STINK: Stop and Think. I was eager to get rid of a club, thinking 2 potential club losers. Kate falsecarded playing the J of S. I cashed the AK ...
Board 13 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden Netherlands
We had very challenging opposition in Kate and Axel. Kate opened 2NT: which was minors, preempt or GF. (2NT) p (3d p/c) p (p) and now Helena with a very reasonable hand bid 3H for a -300. Drijver and Brink bought the hand in 3d after initial pass, 1NT ...
Opposition for Tuesday?
good to hear - we can make it 6 am your time Kate ! that would be 21.00 here
Board 26, May 14th, Norway vs USA2
the Robots went down at our table. I didn't fancy bidding 2S over the 2H pass out. Helena led a small S from Qx! I cashed AK and declarer ruffed. Next H and another S and overruffed by Helena. Underlead of A of c. Declarer cashed the A of ...
Bd 24 Norway vs USA2 14th May
1d (2c) pass (2NT) i doubled showing a good hand, and partner bid 3d. That's where we played
Board 31 from May 14 matches
I also doubled with the N hand and partner left it in for 1 off. I agree with all the reasons above not bidding 2H.
Board 32 Forum May 14
At our table it went (1c) 1d by me (1S) and partner bid 2NT showing a 4 card d raise. I prefer a double over the S, showing H and at least 2 card d suport. West passed over the 2NT, i bid 3H, knowing that i can always go ...
Board 25 (9) May 14 Norway vs USA2
i did not consider passing partner's x in the pass out seat, even with 2 bullets. I did consider 3NT, however keeping in mind the x could be balancing, i bid 3d. If partner is better bidding a Major now i can take it to game. 10 tricks +130
BOARD ASSIGNMENTS, Bermuda Bowl -May 14, 2019
I'm afraid i have to assign bd 5 (21) to yours truly.
Bd 3 BB May 7th Netherlands vs USA 2
what i meant was that Helena would have understood by my rebid of 3H to have a balanced 18-19 count. We don't jump 4H on that kind of a hand. So her bidding 3NT was very reasonable. I would have opened 1NT with Kx KQxx Qx AQxxx

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