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board 32 bermuda bowl usa v norway
Over the 4d, showing a splinter agreeing clubs, responder can go via 4NT. When opener bids 5NT showing 3KC and a void, 7c looks very attractive. When partner bids 5c (03) and no void 6c is the contract.
board 32 bermuda bowl usa v norway
yes i did mention bidding 4d to Robert straightaway. But as Helena said she had nothinng to cue. I would suggest then to bid 4NT with the East hand, as West showed a big hand.
sent to you
Board 5, 20 August: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - USA! vs Norway
got it Kate. I would not have led previously from Jxxxxx x xx AQJx the lowest H, suit preference for c. I would have with a void in c. Playing a high H on this bd 5 is far superior and clearer to partner. Leading a suit preference card from ...
Board 5, 20 August: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - USA! vs Norway
Kate: if the 3 of H has some meaning and most of the time it would suggest a void, declarer can't have 8c. So assume i would want a c return with AQJ that would mean I overcalled 2H vul on a 8 count after partner has passed, holding ...
board 14, 20th August
That's what happened at our table against you Kate. Axel opened 3d - I doubled as South and Helena left it in. I played the K of c and switched to the A of S and another S. Axel played a H, ruffed and ruffed a S. If I play ...
Board 5, 20 August: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - USA! vs Norway
Against you Kate I overcalled over (1S) - 2H - not wanting to push partner to the 3 level, and also most of the time partner won't expect a 6 carder. You bid 4S. I led the 3 of H, an unusual card for the overcaller. N took the Q of ...
Board 15 August 20
Axel is in 4H, i led the 4 of c, taken by the K. Axel played the A of H and next a low H to preserve entries. Partner took the Q and played a S, taken by the A of S by declarer. He drew the next trump, A ...
Board 4, 20th August
We played this against you Kate: (2c 10-15) x by Helena and 4c by Axel, pass by me, swish. Partner led the 3 of S, i took the A and switched to the 9 of H. Partner took AK of H and played the K of S, ruffed. Declarer played ...
Board 10, August 20th, USA1 vs Norway
This was an interesting bidding hand ! I opened 1d Kate overcalled 2c and Helena bid 2S, i rebid 3d, 3H by partner and i bid 3S. partner now bid 3 NT ! Axel led the 2 of c. Kate took her 6c tricks - down 2 for (-). If only i had Jxx ...

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