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Helene Thygesen
Helene Thygesen
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Sept. 6, 2011
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a minute ago
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Bridge Player
New Zealand

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"No, my queen won over your king, this is a feminist bridge club, you know!"
Bridge Accomplishments
Played 1st division fylde league teams, one 1st and one 2nd place at Blackpool congresses
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UK:Harrogate, Lancaster, Leeds, Pannal. NL: AMC, IJburg. NZ: Waikato
Favorite Tournaments
Tolani Grand Prix (Mumbai), EBL Women's Festival, Pula Festival
Favorite Conventions
T-Walsh, K2, NLM, Cheap Transfers, transfer freedbids, Rumpensohl, Vinje signals, Coded Minors
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand
Yes, that certainly makes the system easy to remember. How do you bid the hand in the OP, though, assuming that the heart suit is too good for 1NT? It would seem logical that 2 shows this hand. Then you need a way to show the weak hand without ...
T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand
Showing this hand via 2 rather than 2 will make opener declare. Not that this matters a lot but maybe it makes things easier to remember if the general principle is that responder tries to avoid bidding suits that are likely to become trump.
T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand
Yes but you could miss a spade fit
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
I agree that stopping in 2 of a minor is an illusion. But 3 as weak is not always safe. Partner could have 3334 and IMO also 3325 (although the latter might not apply if you play 5533). Even if partner is 2344 I am not sure if I ...
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
The number of "something else" votes is interesting. I thought I had provided a fair number of alternatives but apparently not enough :) A few (Damian, Rosalind, Hamish) have described artificial meanings of 2. John plays it as wide-ranging and possibly balanced, an option I didn't include. What Frances ...
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
This obviously takes a lot of pressure off other rebids, but I am concerned about the playability. With a 3343 6-count I would really like to be allowed to pass the 2 rebid. But I suppose 3 is LoTT-compliant as opps will have a major suit fit.
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
Kieran, which hands will rebid 2, then? If you rebid 1NT with balanced hands, hands without diamonds would have a singleton diamonds. Is responder meant to cater to this?
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
Interesting idea, but I think it's a too high price to pay not to have the transfer accept available when responder has spades.
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
I assume that all 5332 always open the 5 card suit. This may not be the optimal agreement. After a 1nt rebid, responder can sign off in 2. But not with only four of them. Opener could easily have a doubleton diamonds and 4414 is also possible.
Jenish Shah's lead problem: A2 J62 T85 KQ832
Small heart. Diamonds probably are 3-6-3-1 while the black suits are less friendly for declarer. So we need to attack dummy's entries. Small club could work if partner has the jack. Big club could work if dummy has jack singleton but that is a bit speculative

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