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Hemant Bhatia
Hemant Bhatia
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 13, 2012
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Dec. 7
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Bridge Player
about me

I learned to play watching my dad play rubber bridge.  Have been hooked on the game since the age of sixteen.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
At the tender age of 18, my partner and ! walked into a rubber bridge club in London. we played just one rubber - bid and made a small slam on the first deal and a grand slam on the second. We were so thrilled we ran all the way home.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ian Wilson, Brian Gilbert, Nitin More, Kumar Jain
Favorite Conventions
Blue Club
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
HB and Shailesh
2 over 1
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Precision or 2/1 partner needed for BBO
Hi Melissa, I have been playing Precision since I was 16. I live in California and could play with you on BBO. Due to the time difference this maybe late in the evenings for you as I am still working. If you are interested in playing together on BBO, email ...
GNT Winners
Ian and Joe, waiting to hear all the war stories from the last set hemant
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: AT9xxx Kxx Axx x
Obvious mistake. Partners hand happened to be QJ AXX JXX KQJXX. Based on the bidding he might have thought a club would be ruffed on the go.
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: AT9xxx Kxx Axx x
This hand occurred in a GNT Flight A round robin playoff. There was a long BIT by West before bidding 3H and again over 5C. TD was called when 5H was bid. E W both agreed to both BIT's yet the TD allowed the bid to stand. Sitting in ...
Hemant Bhatia's bidding problem: AKJ74 Q75 J9 543
I thought 3h may be interpreted as simple preference and 4h as the limit raise hand. i guess I was mistaken. partner interpreted as fast arrival and passed 4h with Q32 AKJ63 -- AKQJ6.
What is the best precision response in this situation?
I agree with Noble, having played Precision for a long time now, we respond 2C with a balanced minimum (8 to 10 hcp) and 1NT with 11 to 13 hcp. Over the 2C response, the opener can fast arrive at 3NT and not give much information or explore 4 -4 ...
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