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Hendrik Sharples
Hendrik Sharples
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July 28, 2010
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Member National Ethical Oversight Committee, National Conduct Committee, Member National Appeals Committee, (before they did away with it),

member both Goodwill and Charity committees 

D20 Recorder (for many years, took a decade off, now I'm back), former D20 Disciplinary chair, playing duplicate since 1978 or so.


Personal property appraiser (real life: as in antiques road show meets hoarders)

 I tell people what their stuff is worth, and sell some of that stuff on behalf of my clients 

I used to golf once a week, no longer (bad back and bad golf is a terrible combination). 

Before bridgewinners I used to do other things, but not so much any more......

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting my wife (of course!)
Bridge Accomplishments
hundreds of regional wins, no (sigh) national wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Gerry Marshall
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Seaside, almost any National
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Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
I’ve been playing 2 systems for a long time at match points. Open all 10 overcall most hands precision with 4 card majors when invulnerable. It’s fun. We used to consistently finish 4th-8th just playing bridge at regional events, now we win our share. The structure also works ...
Las Vegas Lodging
When I go to hotels like this I make a Walmart run, buy a coffee maker for $10, filters for $3, and coffee for whatever. At the end of 10 days you have had coffee in your room every morning, and leave the coffee maker with a note for the ...
Would you use a "smart" drug?
I took them in high school & college (mostly college) due to a very heavy academic workload. For me all they did is keep me awake when I should have been sleeping. Never found a thrill in uppers, legal or not. I wouldn't think they would improve your bridge unless ...
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
At the club 100% of the other players holding that hand will lead their 4th best without a moments thought. By not leading a you are staking the entire hand on your choice of lead. If wrong you probably have no chance of recovery. However even if a ...
WOLFSON Wins Vanderbilt
Well done!
If you don't know what to do over partner's response to Blackwood, you shouldn't be bidding Blackwood. Also you should "never" bid Blackwood with 2 quick losers in an outside suit. 5 as has been mentioned above, is the right thing to do if you decide ...
Favorite swindles and other turns of events
In my early days looking for tricks (this was a limited event) holding K9x in dummy opposite Jx in hand (playing NT) I lead low to the J which held. Later I lead low to the K which held also. Several tricks later lefty pitched his now stiff A of ...
My Turn to Speak
Thanks you for posting this Bahar. I hope we will see you at the bridge table.
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Wondering how many cell phone penalties it takes to go from 1154 to 78?
Massimo Lanzarotti in Vanderbilt
Not that I support the guy, but ACBL official stated that although he did not admit guilt the first two times, this time "Mr. Lanzarotti admitted cheating and explained what occurred. He made a complete disclosure and full apology."

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