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Henk Uijterwaal
Henk Uijterwaal
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Dec. 29, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned the game from my parents at the kitchen table in 1973 or so. Started to play club games and tournaments around 1980, give or take a year. NBB member since 1980 as well. ACBL member when I lived in the US, DBV member when I lived in Germany.

Certified director with the NBB since 1987, running everything up to the national championships in Holland. Accredited teacher since 2013.

Current activities:

  • District director District 7, responsible for running all district-wide games in the Arnhem region.
  • Teacher/Trainer for the TD directors course.
  • Teacher for the beginners course in Doesburg.
  • Playing in the national teams and pairs competition.
  • Blog at:
  • And a zillion other things, including my blog.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reisinger Semifinals in 1998
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Denktank, Interbridge, Dombo
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Looking for a hand record from the 1973 BB...
OK, the material is on its way to Hans & Frank at Bridgedailybulletins, and will be scanned in and published sometime soon.
WBF is this alertable
If the WBF rules apply, then this must be a high level event and I expect that the opponents will be good enough to ask about the sequence if this affects their bid over 2H.
Looking for a hand record from the 1973 BB...
I found 1 hand from round 8 in the July 1973 Bulletin, might be board 7 or 23 (no board number given, but it is S/All). It is a 2S contract in both rooms, down 1 in 1 room, made in the other after Belladonna revoked. Is this the ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
Julian: the Netherlands had a sponsor lined up for the 2019 event who was going to pay the 7 digit sum needed to host the event. Then the federation and the sponsor had a conflict and the sponsor decided to withdraw.
First three classes
I'd do startersbridge. Lesson 1: 13 cards. Concept of a trick, trumps, partnership, dummy. How to develop tricks. Lesson 2: Concept of a contract. Scoring limited to "the higher you bid, the more points you score". HCP. When to play trumps or no trumps. Select contract based on HCP ...
Better response structure to 1M openings allowing responded to make short suit game tries without losing Jacoby + bergen/mixed raise.
This works fine, I played this for 10+ years, after writing it up in the 1990's.
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
I'd vote abstain, given that there are no objective methods to detect cheating. Nic Hammond's approach does not even come close.
Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!
A truscott card is a piece of paper that says who played NS or EW on a set of boards in a team game, in order to avoid that both pairs of a team play in the same direction. If you play boards 1-8 as NS, pass them over, and ...
Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!
When we still had them, it was standard practice to fill out the card before board 1. Nowadays we use line-up forms, which list the names of the players on both teams. The players check who sits N/S/E/W before play starts, the TD picks them up during ...
Moss and Demuy Win LM Pairs
Michal: no, you cannot appeal any ruling once the period in 92B is over (i.e. 30 minutes after the results posted) _but_ before that, the results are unofficial and can be appealed. A good TD will announce that the unofficial results are there and that any complaints should be ...
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