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Was this ruling correct?
Yes, that's why the law was changed, so that a player who was honest did not get a worse score than a player being dishonest since the TD never can establish when a player realizes something.
Was this ruling correct?
Exactly, this is also one of the reasons why 20F4 was changed to that you know can wait until after the bidding has ended before correcting your own misexplanation.
Was this ruling correct?
B) is if a player corrects the information during the bidding (in 2009 you had to correct your own incorrect explanation as soon as you realized that you had given a wrong explanation). Then you may use both the incorrect and the correct information in you future calls. A) is ...
Was this ruling correct?
Bud, with a weak minimum hand you always pass a weak jump shift. You never bid 2NT. The minute is nr2 from Sao Paolo 2009 but the discussion started in minute nr 1.
Was this ruling correct?
No. Well he may of course put the facts together but he is not allowed to change his call because of this. WBFLC minute The committee returned to the subject of the status of information arising when a misexplanation is corrected. There was lengthy discussion following which it was determined ...
Was this ruling correct?
It's for sure AI, but this has nothing to do with AI or UI. The law simply says that you are only allowed to change a call if you would have made a different call with the correct information only. There is an examaple in the Commentaries and there ...
Was this ruling correct?
Because west is not allowed to know what north thought 2 was, only what the agreement is. You have never the right to know what anyone think a call means.
Was this ruling correct?
John, is correct. The TD should only allow the change of the last call if the TD judges that with the correct information only west would make another call. But if the TD so judges then west is allowed to use all information given. In this case I'm not ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Randy, this has very little to do with the laws. We have the same laws in Sweden but we have none of ACBL's i.m.o. stupid systemregulations. In sweden you can open 1NT on whatever you like (but many meanings would be alertable).
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Yes, as long as 1NT suggest playing NT and doesn't promise any specified length or shortage its non artificial.

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