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March 27, 2013
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Dummy Plays Wrong Card
I asked if you really think that the director must be called on every single irregularity or if there are irregularities that players are able to handle themselves? As I said, it's should for very good reasons... Richard, I draw the line where there are choices to be made ...
Dummy Plays Wrong Card
And thats the most practical solution? The TD will never have more important things to do? There is a reason thy must was change to should, and that is that there are irregularities that is easier to handle without calling the director. If my partner won the last trick and ...
Dummy Plays Wrong Card
So when the dummy accidently forgets to put the trumps on the right or puts down a suit in order KQ8953 the TD must be called instead of just asking the dummy to fix it?
Of course once in a while 1NT will play better than 2 but when it's wrong it can be really expensive to play NT instead of spades since there are no way preventing opps from running there long suits. But I guess your statistic research shows that when ...
As long as +110 is better than -200 I will always bid my major. In my favourite system 1 of course show 11-13 balanced at the same time, so I limit my hand, show my type of hand and also finds my spadefit if it's there.
Hesitation Blackwood
If your partner can't tell the difference between 0 and 3 then you might be playing 5M missing 3 aces. So if you only have 2 aces, you need to know that your partner has at least one before bidding 4NT.
Comparable Call?
Sure, but pass (before anyone has bid) and another call will never be similar, and will never have the same purpose, so for pass there is only the subset option.
Comparable Call?
That could be made on x Qxx KQJTxx xxx, a hand that would open a weak two in diamonds (if available) .
Comparable Call?
Ed, ok so according to you there are no comparable calls to pass.
Comparable Call?
True but who cares. The law never ever talks about hands. Just because a weak two shows 6-9 and 6 card suit doesn't mean you have to open 2 with AKQ 765432 32 32.

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