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Henrik Røn
Henrik Røn
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May 31, 2012
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning junior under-25 in Beijing 2008 as co-captain
Bridge Accomplishments
A couple of Danish junior championships in the ´90 and making it to the quarterfinals in Transnational in Monaco 2003
Favorite Tournaments
Hecht Cup
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bob Dean's lead problem: AQ543 82 T3 K632
IMHO: The pips are too small for a lead
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
Maybe WBF is too busy figuring out how to get the bridge world out of the Olympic mess after the way CAS handled the Fantunes appeal?
Rajan Iyer's bidding problem: --- AJ875 AQ96 AKJ6
I assume partner's x is transferable values, i.e. not penalty. If it is not you should have said.
Trump guess?
Assuming that I played the 10 in trick two it seems very odd for West to cash the A from what looks like AQJ, but admittedly East could be obscuring the club position by not coverring the 10. But East cannot be 100% certain that I have no use for ...
Will Roper's bidding problem: A952 KJT9 KT2 53
Also depends upon if partner has a way of distinguishing between a weak SI (e.g. 4 on 2 = Only wants to be in slam if I have max and no wastage in clubs) or stronger SI (e.g. Actual sequence)
Dutch federation disappointed by WBF - official letter
Congratulations you have discovered the modus operandi of the WBF
High level commission or crowd sourcing?
@Nicolas Hammond I have some time and would like to help. Sent you a PM here on BW a couple of weeks back. Regards, Henrik
BBO Kibitzing
More than half of the pairs in the Danish Premier play that two over one as F1 i.e. 2H and 3D by opener would be non-forcing so the choice was most likely between 2S, 3NT, 4C and 4D niether of which is an acurate description.
How do you like to play double jump to 3M advancing a TO double?
5+H INV better than 2H

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