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Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: 4 QJ8753 AK4 K64
I don't treat this as a choice of games, so if it is right to pull to 4 then he needs to choose a different sequence (perhaps starting with a negative double, perhaps starting with a qbid, perhaps starting with a forcing 2m).
Do they deserve each other?
I voted mostly south because I consider his raise to 4 to be much more of an overbid than north's decision to advance 3. Even if you change the hands to Txxxx Jx xxx AKx KQx AKxx Jx Qxxx where North has in my opinion an obvious ...
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
@Art, how I wish my high school math students would get the difference between highly precise wrong answer and a less precise correct answer...
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
Thanks, David. I'm getting less and less trustful of my older and older memory...
How do you get to Slam?
You have two choices: (1) pretend your 3-card suit is a feature (2) don't open 2. That exact hand type is the weakness of my version of Ogust (can't show bad hand + good suit directly).
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
Not that it is directly relevant to the OP, but was it Rubens who published something about the adjusted LTC in which a preponderance of aces reduced the LTC and a preponderance of queens increased the LTC?
How do you get to Slam?
Ned, back in the day when I was a MAD scientist, I developed a form of Ogust that would allow for both shortness and feature showing responses: 3 = not minimum with a bad suit; wants to show a feature 3 = EITHER minimum with a bad suit OR maximum ...
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
"LTC is much more useful if an opening suit bid can be relied upon to have at most X losers; 7 seems a reasonable number." So should I pass this 8-loser hand? Kxx Axx Axx Axxx or this 9-loser hand? Axxx xxx Axx Axx Since that is obviously not what ...
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
Other. Neither LTC nor Work points take into consideration things like majors versus minors, good intermediates versus poor intermediates, and so on. Plus, I'm not sure that a 5-loser hand like Kxxxxx Kxxxxx x -- is better than a 7-loser hand like AQx Axx Axx Axxx for the purposes of ...
How do you get to Slam?
If I had this auction, I'd pass 4 myself instead of asking for key cards.

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