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Forcing or Not
No it can't, because 4 is forcing. Edit: Having now seen page 2, I concur with John's view that a 4 qbid is now mandatory. As little as x Axx AQxxx AKxx Will make slam virtually cold, and even if opener has x Ax AQxxx Axxxx ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 86543 --- 6 AQT8653
If I were to open this hand 3, it would be in the hope that I could show spades cheaply next time (as opposed to say, 3 - 3 - p - 4; ?) This auction seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. To me, it's like ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A6532 T6 K AKQJ9
Richard, I'd pay off to that too :(
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A6532 T6 K AKQJ9
On the assumption that 2 shows six, opener must have good hearts and lower diamond honors, or the A and decent hearts. If opener has X AKxxxx QJx Xxx I’ll pay off. But since X AKxxxx Axx Xxx Or X AKJxxx QJX Xxx Gives slam good to ...
What does 4S mean here?
Kickback afficionados might consider a third option, namely that 4 is asking for key cards, but under the given options, 4 has to be a qbid, especially when responder doesn't bid 3 at his first rebid opportunity.
Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
Good to know that someone agrees with me rofl.
Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
I'd love to produce an auction that distinguishes the actual hand from, say, AKQJxxx xxx AK x but in these cramped auctions I doubt that I can unambiguously do so. So I have sympathy for the unambiguous 4 (good hand, good spades) and the optimistic double (hoping for ...
Missed game - who was more responsible
Since xxx AKJxxx KQx A is enough for game, assuming that the A is onside, and that would be the barest minimum for the free 3 bid, I hold West mostly responsible. Had doubler held xx AKJxxxx Kxx A that I would consider bad luck.
what is this 3!D means ?
Good hand with good spades and diamonds, with slam interest opposite a genuine fit.
Is 1M(in first/second seat)-2m;3m passable, in Standard bidding? (Opps are silent)
It is my understanding that only in the very old style where the 2/1 promises values but not a rebid (say, a king or so above a 1-over-1 response) was the immediate raise of 2m passable, and even in those systems (old-school Goren), the system compensated by requiring the ...

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