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Awkward responding hand
Craig, actually there's an even worse problem lurking here. Let's give opener AQxxx AQxx xx xx What would opener's rerebid be following 1-2; 2-3; ? So 3 need not show 5=5 in the majors, which just makes responder's problem that much ...
William Scott's bidding problem: 987652 AKJ6 --- A94
Just to throw a monkey wrench into the conversation, I can see hearts being the better trump suit opposite a hand like AKxx QTxxx K xxx where we can pull trump, pitch 2 clubs on our spades assuming a 2-1 spade break, and ruff two clubs in dummy. That being ...
Awkward responding hand
Even play my beloved Precision club with relays, I can't get to 3nt on this hand without it being a blind guess. Kit's 3nt upthread is the only reasonable way to get there (IMO) but as others have mentioned, give north AKxxx KQxxx x Qx and it might ...
Todd Holes's bidding problem: --- AKQ975 AKT85 A9
5. Is it so hard to see partner with, say, xxxx xx Qxxx xxx or something similar? In that case, I have play for 7. Nor will I settle for less than slam, which has play opposite xxxx x xxx xxxxx Of course, if partner has xxxxx x ...
Doubling a splinter
My normal preference is: Double of a higher-ranking splinter (1-3, or 1m-3M) is a sacrifice suggestion in that suit. Double of a lower ranking splinter calls for a specific lead (the unbid major or, if both majors are unbid, of spades). Not sure that it's optimal, but ...
Paul D East's bidding problem: T98753 --- Q76 Q765
5 to show slam interest but nothing to qbid in either minor. Obviously I am assuming that the 1nt response is a psych with long hearts but an unwillingness to bid to 3 or 4 red vs white. But given how much worse my hand could be ...
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
Or that he is so used to that style that he didn't include it. It happens to the best of us...
KS many years later
It is certainly possible to play weak 1nts with light, distributional minor suit openers (ACOL used that style for a very long time, if my memory is right). Still, I prefer the sound 1m opening bid style. Why invite competition when you are light and they could have the majors?
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
Perhaps the OP thought that (1) p (p) dbl; (p) 1 (p) 1 was some kind of ELC showing KQxx AKxxx Kx xx?
What is “Cheapest Minor” after 2!c-2!d-3!d?
Although not the identical auction, Alan Sontag reports a hand in partnership with Peter Weischel in his book Power Precision that went awry after 1-1; 3 where Weischel (?) rebid 3 with something like Jxxxx xxxx xx xx instead of the 2nd negative 3. Which says ...

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