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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 863 QT QT653 J94
If I couldn't respond 2 with that hand (I could, because I play the Lawrence-style of 2/1 where 2.3 is NF), then I would simply take control of the auction by bidding 4nt. A hand like this Axx AQxxxx Qxx A is virtually cold ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 863 QT QT653 J94
I would imagine that, say, a random BW MSC panel would vote 99% in favor of responding to the 1 opening bid, if not more. Like Buddy, I can't imagine passing 1 with this hand and it dumbfounds me that anyone could call this hand with 2 ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 863 QT QT653 J94
I can't imagine passing 1 with the working QT of hearts, and this hand is almost slam-worthy enough to raise 3 to 4 instead of giving false preference to 3. The only thing that stops me from raising to 4 is the chance that ...
Bob Okker's bidding problem: AK43 QJ32 A97 KT
I agree with Richard's 2 rebid in the absence of any conventional agreement around 2nt. And if opener raises to 3, I will take him for 4=4=3=2 shape and sign off in 4.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AKQJT4 T9 K5 J42
In my view, jumps in forcing auctions should show specific things. In this case, that "specific thing" should be a solid or semi-solid suit (1 loser at most opposite a singleton and normal breaks) with slam interest. The status of the 1 loser should be resolvable via RKC. So on ...
Mindless revoke
@Michael, Richard would have to verify my recollection, but in my haste to post this morning, I omitted part of the quote, which was I think, "They didn't want to lose that way. No one had forgiven any of their errors." The (appropriate, in my far-from-expert view) argument is ...
Mindless revoke
I seem to remember a story in the BW back in the late 60's when Edgar reported on a "meaningless revoke" that wasn't penalized because it didn't affect the score at the table. The pair that finished second was "justly furious" because they would have been national ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: J86 7 QT652 J753
I don't play these methods any longer, but when I did, then over 2 opener would: Bid 2nt with a balanced hand and extra values (say 24+) to save space; Bid 2 with a 5+ spade suit and no interest in defending; Bid 3m with a long ...
How far do you have to go in "protecting" your opponents?
What Paul said ^^^. I voted for "should have waited until the auction was over and then corrected opener's explanation" but I really wanted to vote for "waited, corrected, and encouraged the opps to call the director." After all, couldn't opener have misread or forgotten that responder was a ...
Balanced 17+-19 hcp hands in competition
I didn't know that about switching 2 and 2. I've personally not had good experiences with using 2 as the artificial GF opening bid (I first learned of it in Karpin's book Psychological Strategies in Contract Bridge and his discussion of the Stayman system ...

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