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Howard Kahlenberg
Howard Kahlenberg
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 14, 2011
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8 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Winner of 2013 Vanderbilt fantasy bracket

Don't call it a relay when it's a puppet. "IT'S A RELAY TO..." IS INCORRECT TERMINOLOGY.

Card designer and original playtester for Magic the Gathering

Go Phillies!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning DE Summer Team Championship on a team with Benito Garazzo; partnering Dave Treadwell
Bridge Accomplishments
24th in Werner Open Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Donna Morgen, Bill Rose, Bobbie Gomer
Favorite Tournaments
World Championships in Philly
Favorite Conventions
Natural, forcing 2NT bids; serious 3NT; transfer advances of overcalls
BBO Username
guru (I was an early adapter)
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Howard Kahlenberg and Donna Morgen
2 over 1; Variable NT
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Howard and Bill
2/1, except 1!s - 2!h
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Copy to my cards View/Print
Standard American
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Howard Kahlenberg/John Dickenson
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Copy of Howard Kahlenberg/John Dickenson
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Master as a racist term
1. Now IANAL (I am not a linguist), but it seems to me that the bridge usage of the word master is derived from the “a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity” definition and not the “a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves ...
Top Players - Preferred system
If you are curious what the top US pairs play, you can peruse the systems from last USBC here: Note that Nickell had already qualified and did not play. For them, I believe that Levin-Weinstein and Nickell-Katz play fairly mainstream US 2/1 methods, and ...
Suit combination
I was declarer at the other table, made the same play, and only lost 13 IMP'S for my troubles. I played it from the other side, got the worst lead for me, got this suit wrong, and was only down 2.
FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
Everyone's a comedian. Some of us are funny.
Bypassing a four-card major after 1m opening
ZM: "just being the standard BW type of asshole." sounds like an underbid :)
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
As someone who plays natural 2NT and not Jacoby, I think the 2NT bid as natural should be alertable. People ALWAYS think I forgot to alert as opposed to the fact that I am playing natural; so much so that they are incredulous even after I tell them.
“No True Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
Re: Cappelletti/Hamilton I was playing Mike one time, and sure enough I opened 1NT and Mike bid 2 of a major. His partner alerted, so at my turn to bid I decided to ask his partner what the bid was, to see if he had a clever response. The ...
Summer NABC Moved
Can I assume this is the standard Bridge winners April fools' day post?
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
It has clearly been a matter of when, not if, they would cancel for a few days.
Unit 141 Sectional this weekend has been cancelled
Well,they went with "cancelled" before the listing: CANCELLED-Phila...

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