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May the force be with you
Thanks to all who responded. As it happens, I was South. My personal take on the forcing vs not aligns pretty much with David, Craig and some others above - you don't jump to game VUL vs not without creating a force. With that as my mindset, partner passed 4 ...
May the force be with you
Hi John. On the assumptions your (3) is not facetious, UI. Ian C
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Hi Harald. I don't believe I've ever played against them (my apology if recollection fails me), but I understand they're rather good. In context, they may be "Hellness" - as opponents at least. Ian C
Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
Hi Barry. I think the nature of the overcall changes, or at least should change, the defence. vs 2 in a CRaSH context, we play, in effect, the same defence as to a Multi: DBL = T/O of (and ) 2 = T/O of (and ...
Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
Hi Frances. As it happens, we do the standard thing - DBL is WK, Pass is neutral (or thereabouts). However, I understand the question and it strikes me that the situation suits "Pass DBL Inversion" as used elsewhere by some. As it might be roughly applied here Pass: Considerable or strong ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Hi David. In short, no. For that to be a problem, in rough terms, the 2 opener needs to be non-MIN, BAL, 25+ hcp or so and 4M needs to be a materially better contract than 3NT. It was a longish time ago, so memory may fail me, but ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Hi Alan. As a practical matter, with one partner, I currently play 2: 23+ hcp, BAL or semi-BAL (FG except for 2NT rebid showing 23-24 BAL) 2: 23+ hcp or equivalent, UNBAL, FG We do it to free up 2 and 2 for "Jammer" style openings ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Hi David. During the 90's, we played in response to a strong 2 2: ART, semi-POS (usually 0.5 to 1.5 honour tricks) 2: ART, POS (usually 2+ honour tricks) 2: ART, NEG (usually fewer than 0.5 honour tricks) 2NT+: Various tightly defined ...
Critique this matchpoint auction
Understood, David. There is no free lunch - you can't do everything. But there is no objection to having a good hand via the T/O DBL route (as per a T/O DBL of a 1 suit opening) - and, if the utility is sufficient, one can define DBL of ...
Critique this matchpoint auction
Hi Nick. Whilst I answered [i]"East West did fine. These things happen."[/i], I actually strongly object to the methods - notwithstanding they are standard for the majority. I have the strong view that all defensive methods should be oriented to T/O DBL's where a T/O DBL ...
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