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England women's trials
Hi David. The best mechanics to deal with that, IMO, are for the tournament committee to be empowered to penalise/disqualify any judged guilty of dumping and similarly judged guilty of (knowingly) being in receipt of such dumping. With that sorted out according to the tournament regulations in force, the ...
England women's trials
Hi Tom. That goes to tournament structure, sportsmanlike dumping etc as often discussed in The Bridge World. I don't see that as an argument for selection Vs results, but rather, for a better/different format. Ian C
England women's trials
Understood, Ian P. Both those who think selection is a good idea and those who volunteer to do the selection arising from it are no doubt well intended - I hope I have not suggested otherwise! Nor do I think Peter did (his issue was with the concept, not the individuals ...
England women's trials
Hi Ian P. I think Peter's mention of sitting at the table is a slight red herring and/or an exaggeration to emphasise a point. The underlying issue is cultural - I would judge that most Australians/North Americans, including me, are culturally abhorred by one or both of (A ...
England women's trials
"Brave" in the "Yes Minister" sense I take it, Richard? [i]Richard: If you want to be really sure that the Selectors don't pick them, you must say their selection would be "brave". Ian: And that's worse than "bold"? Richard: Oh, yes! "Bold" only means "this will lose ...
A curiosity
You pays your money and takes the ride, Barry. We play Top'n'Bottom cue-bids (though when top is longer, we overcall that first) and push the "Michaels" 5/5's through the DBL (with a healthy dose of ELC). Would have worked well this time, but who knows in ...
Implicit private understanding?
Hi Barry. We play this way (1NT overcall does not require a stopper) and we state it on the system card. However, if I were a club owner or opponent, it wouldn't occur to me to complain if someone overcalled 1NT without one, even regularly. The main reason we ...
England trials - success for BW members
Hi Tom et al. I'm not too bothered about the trial mechanism (but now that you highlight the rationale, it has an inherent commercial logic). However, as always, I'm disappointed it isn't a measurable meritocracy - and that the third pair with this particular mechanism isn't selected ...
Flawed Multi
Hi Mike. So a 1NT opening with a balanced (say) 9-11 hcp hand, maybe Kxxx Qxx Qxx Qxx is too close to a purely obstructive opening whereas a 3 opening with (say) KQJxxxx xx xx xx is somehow less so? In the end, once you brush away all the ...
Flawed Multi
Indeed, Richard. {Mike} No problems - all the best. If and when you come up with a new track, please feel free to throw it on the turntable and we can pick up the debate again. Ian C
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