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Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
Hi Boye. I'm roughly with John Cox on this. To elaborate - make the best law(s)/regulation(s) you can implement in practise, not the best possible law(s)/regulation(s) - then do your best to interpret and enforce them. Even if your idea is the best in theory ...
Systems with no forcing opening bid or with all 1-level openings forcing
Hi Julien. Did it at matchpoints (IIRC, just used four WK2's) back in the 90's. Can't remember much about it, which would suggest it didn't make a great deal of difference or we didn't do it for long. I suspect we played the WK2's ...
Hi Peter. Not sure I agree with your analysis of the individual actions, but I do with your conclusion. E/W were likely playing one of these methods where DBL showed something including a WK NT over 2 and had to wait to show a T/O DBL of ...
What Is Partner Showing?
I'm with you, David. Further, I think there needs to be a "one and done" range for T/O doubles, even if that is only the sub and/or bare minimum ones. I want to encourage partner to stretch and act early on marginal hands. To raise here needs ...
What would you choose?
Exactly, David Y. In Swiss Army Knife terms, it is the most general purpose bad slam avoidance tool out there. Further, in its purest form, it doesn't require other understandings (as opposed to the more optimal RKBC or Kickback). Ian C
What would you choose?
Hi David. T/O DBL's, Stayman, Blackwood. "Secrets of Winning Bridge" (Jeff Rubens) The partner one is hard. I've never met the gentleman and just about everything he appears to stand for on playing regulations is anathema to me, but I would guess Jeff Meckstroth to be the ...
You play Gazzilli but not Flannery
No problems, Gabor. In the event we get a better structure, then it may make sense to revert to 2 on 2=5=3=3, but, for the present, 2 on said shape is roughly the same as doing it on 3=5=3=2. Ian C
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Hi Mike. I suspect I must be missing yours (and perhaps Frances) point below. If so, my apology in advance. In broad terms, ANY potential ordering of spot cards is mathematically equivalent. What 2,4,6,8,1,0,9,7,5,3 or the other way around does is ...
How will Monaco line-up at the Bermuda Bowl?
No, he's on second.
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Hi Mike. Surely not in this specific area (the 2,4,6,8,10,9,7,5,3 discussion)? Ian C
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