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Dec. 27, 2016
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Missed (Grand) Slam
Hi All. Thanks for the various comments - a surprising variance of opinion. Let me now give you a twist. East alerted 3 (and later advised they play 2 as an artificial negative with another regular partner, so got it into their head that 3 was a transfer ...
Defense agains natural 2!c
Hi Amnon. Your comment made me go back and read Michael's post again - you're right - it appears to have considerable merit. I wonder, using Pareto Law like thinking, whether much of the benefit comes simply from using the cheapest diamond response over a T/O DBL of clubs ...
Defense agains natural 2!c
Completely agree, Bas. Treat as if a 1 opening for practical purposes (or a WK2 if weak). I use (1) 2 as something else, so would do similarly for (2) 3, but this does not detract from the basic agreement. Ian C
In the Well: Mikael and Ola Rimstedt
Hi Mikael and Ola. Earlier, if I understood correctly, Ola said that a Weak NT (opening) was the most annoying method to play against. Whilst this is not surprising and many well rehearsed arguments for and against the Weak NT are known, would you care to elaborate any further on ...
In the Well: Mikael and Ola Rimstedt
Cheers, Jan. Any links - my Swedish isn't great, but there's always Google Translate? As to the etymology, I won't go there ;) Ian C
In the Well: Mikael and Ola Rimstedt
Thanks, Ola. We do too (we call it Gazzevery - for Gazzilli Everywhere). Would be interested to know what you do, but understand it is perhaps too detailed for this thread, as you say. Ian C
In the Well: Mikael and Ola Rimstedt
Hi Ola (or Mikael). Being a fan of Italian methods, do you play Gazzilli? If so - how "vanilla" is the version you play - are you able to share any quirks from your version? Ian C
Opening 2!D/2!H weak with majors
Hi Andy. That's true, but you are immediately on sound and familiar ground (which for a lot of other defences, people are not). To compensate for the downside (and the additional one, which is the loss of a penalty conversion of a T/O DBL of 2) you ...
Opening 2!D/2!H weak with majors
Hi David. It strikes me that a defence against 2 as you describe it is a fairly straightforward adaption of one of the normal Multi 2 defences: DBL = T/O of , 2 = T/O of . {Richard} Your comment seems so counter-intuitive to me that I ...
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
Hi Bud. As someone who thinks people should be able to bid what they like, pretty much, as long as partner alerts it properly and acts according to the alerts unless it is clear not to ... (1) Would you be able to provide an excerpt as to the playing regulation ...
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