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Ian Foote
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April 13, 2011
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Nov. 20, 2018
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Moshe Feldman's bidding problem: Q KJT9 KJT9x KQT
1NT, assuming I'm playing a weak NT. If I'm playing a strong NT I should have opened it.
Give the 27-54s some love!
The EBU is making movement in this direction with their National Grading Scheme (NGS). While it may have a few issues, I believe it is a far better indication of ability than masterpoints. Perhaps the ACBL should consider a similar scheme.
Is there a usual agreement for this bid ? comments please.
For me this would be maximum with 4 hearts, and would deny a small doubleton. 2, 3 or 3 would show a maximum with 4 hearts and a small doubleton in the suit bid. 3 would show a minimum with 4 hearts. There are other super ...
(sub)"standard" bridge
The EBU teaches 15-16 1NT, 17-18 2NT and 19 3NT rebids as part of standard Acol. This is terrible in my opinion. 15-17 1NT and 18-19 2NT rebids are simple and make finding the right game much easier. 1m - 1M - 3NT leaves responder with a 5 card major with a ...
Ian Foote's bidding problem: T652 43 AKJ876 4
I expected some people to prefer pass, but I'm slightly surprised to see it's this many.
Lead against 4!s?
Looks like the consensus is for a heart lead. Unfortunately this lets the game through: Declarer had a heart void, and dummy the heart Ace, letting declarer throw a club. Partner had 8 KT953 A98 AKQ5. Declarer's hand was AKQT964 - 532 j94.
Lead against 4!s?
I considered distinguishing between Q and a low , but decided against it.
Ian Foote's bidding problem: AQJ654 3 A KQ986
At the table I passed, South bid 2 which was passed back to me. I now came in with 2 (partner alerted and explained he didn't know what it was, but thought it wasn't natural) and partner bid 3. I now raised to 5 ...
Mike Whitman's bidding problem: QT953 QJT A6 KJ3
I prefer to open this 1NT (12-14).
Ian Foote's bidding problem: 4 42 QJ983 J9753
I was mainly sanity checking my pass.

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