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Ian Grant
Ian Grant
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

EBU rank: Premier Life Master.

I play my own "Grumpy Club" system in partnership with my wife.

Short (forcing) 1C (11+hcp, no better bid) with forcing 1D response (neg or natural)

5 card majors, weak NT.

1D in 1st/2nd seat is 9-11 balanced or natural, natural in 3rd/4th.

Multi 2C, 2D and 2NT opening bids, Ekren-style 2H (3-11 hcp), normal weak 2S.

See website for EBU convention card.

United Kingdom

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Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
Bet it wasn't in div 1 or 2....
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
Against any decent opps you won't get to play in 1NTxx anyway; unless, of course, its going DOWN.
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
In my experience if you look as though you know what you are doing then good ops will bite the bullet and bid. Confidence is key.
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
There are many escape mechanisms, fwiw here is mine: After 1NT-X Suit bids natural (5 card suit) Redouble is Staymanic, bid better minor if no 4cM (guarantees at least a 4-3 fit if responder is 4333 shape). Pass forces redouble, after which a suit bid is scrambling After 1NT-p-p-X Redouble ...
TD please
...and others think X then 3M shows a solid self-sustaining suit.
TD please
I don't control the site, I just happen to think its the best place to play online. Are there things I would change, of course, but the upside is no bad behaviour, very little cheating, good camaraderie and no bots.
TD please
This was not BBO, BridgeClubLive attempts to replicate f2f so all players see alerts.
No, they weren't.
TD please
I was South playing online against someone I know very well. Both pairs are in the top division of two quarterly league competitions, so we play matches against each other about 8 times a year (as well as occasionally meeting f2f)..
Those of us old enough to remember Delayed Game Raises (DGRs) then it was quite common to show show a side suit before revealing your fit for partner's suit. This was never alerted. Fit jumps have of course replaced this functionality.

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