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Ian Grant
Ian Grant
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

EBU rank: Premier Life Master.

I play my own "Grumpy Club" system in partnership with my wife.

Short (forcing) 1C (11+hcp, no better bid) with forcing 1D response (neg or natural)

5 card majors, weak NT.

1D in 1st/2nd seat is 9-11 balanced or natural, natural in 3rd/4th.

Multi 2C, 2D and 2NT opening bids, Ekren-style 2H (3-11 hcp), normal weak 2S.

See website for EBU convention card.

United Kingdom

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2 diamond bid weak
If South simply forgot that inverted raises were off after intervention then no misinformation has occured. Bad luck, rub of the green and all that.
2 diamond bid weak
First you have to prove the MI; if North says they thought it was XYZ then you can't simply say they were lying. You also can't penalise someone for not having a system card if the event doesn't require one.
2 diamond bid weak
First you have to determine if damage occurred (or whether the 'victims' simply shot themselves in th foot).
2 diamond bid weak
If North said it was weak in good faith then e/w are in a fix, there is no recourse for opps having a misunderstanding. Did anyone ask what the redouble was? Did west think his pass was forcing?
2 diamond bid weak
This TD wouldn't (but I may get overruled).
Thank you Zia!
If this story doesn't tell you that Bridge has a future; then nothing will.
2 diamond bid weak
Robin: we have already been told that there is no system card.
2 diamond bid weak
So the choices for redouble are: A) sos: I haven't really got diamonds B) if we are going down then bring on the flames C) I'm stronger than you might think p and this is definitely making Which would be the expert choice?
2 diamond bid weak
I might agree with 2x+2 for a potential ui issue, but e/w shot themselves in the foot. Most clubs in England don't require players to have a CC, perhaps the same was true here.
2 diamond bid weak
No expert pair I have played against would, and the Xx gives them more options.

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