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Ian Grant
Ian Grant
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

EBU rank: Premier Life Master.

I play my own "Grumpy Club" system in partnership with my wife.

Short (forcing) 1C (11+hcp, no better bid) with forcing 1D response (neg or natural)

5 card majors, weak NT.

1D in 1st/2nd seat is 9-11 balanced or natural, natural in 3rd/4th.

Multi 2C, 2D and 2NT opening bids, Ekren-style 2H (3-11 hcp), normal weak 2S.

See website for EBU convention card.

United Kingdom

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How would you rule?
I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that bidding is the only ethical action; what if partner had been considering a penalty double? Sitting in my Ivory Tower I think I can come up with the most ethical action; whether it would occur to me ...
How would you rule?
I think its normally 20%.
Five card diamond.
Not convinced its a good idea, tried it for a while, puts too many hands thru 1.
Were NS damaged because of misinformation?
Put me down for bad one then; then I have been told that I'm a bit daft before!
Were NS damaged because of misinformation?
If EW don't have a CC and give conflicting explanations then they are on a very sticky wicket.
Ian Grant's bidding problem: K984 J76542 J 86
...or to take your Queen? (cf Alvin Roth)
Ian Grant's bidding problem: K984 J76542 J 86
This isn't a poll to find out whether pass is a logical alternative (I would have only posted one hand and not mentioned the hesitation) it is about what you consider to be ethical behaviour.
Alexander Woo's lead problem: AJ KQ3 Q72 98542
2nd from a poor suit...
Meyer Kotkin's bidding problem: 2 T92 AQ5432 AJx
Playing a sensible system ;-) I can bid 2 and not 1NT.
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: AT AKT9 Q72 6542
Both of those look like 1 openings to me; easy 2 rebid.

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