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Is this too big a position?
if you assume the actions so far happen at the other tables too, bidding or not may depend on how you are doing so far. If we also assume most will pass your hand passing = 50% and bidding is an unknown so do we need to be shooting for a ...
Permissible enquiry?
In a normal game of bridge you can't possibly ask all the questions about every possible bridge hand before the round starts. The declarer wants to know whether they never underlead a king or rarely do or regularly do. He is entitled to this information so he is asking ...
your comment is needed
your comment is needed
Do people in general regard the ten as an honour when leading ?
here is the BBO hand generator page. Syntax is a bit annoying but it will do everything if you can work it out.
Balancing Two Notrump after a Weak Two or Other Two Level Opening
This confused me for ages I assumed you would transfer a king like you would normally for balancing, but no one does.
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
I like them.
How far to go for full disclosure
why would any passed hand be bidding 3nt if it didn't have a spade fit anyway ?
Mistaken bid
why did north pass over 1?
Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
I'll go for pass and hope they don't double
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