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Ian Hodges
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Ruling fron Eastbourne
yes obviously in an ideal world electronic bridge is played with the players all in different rooms in a faraday cage.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
any bid showing 4+ cards in the suit bid is natural. 1m showing 3+ in the suit bid is also natural for this rule.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
there used to be a 3 IMP penalty for not knowing your system in some circumstances no idea if it still exists.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
WBF seems relatively non mad. Ok here is my one line alert rule. Alert all non natural bids.
First three classes
Mini bridge should probably fit in there somewhere. I have tried a few times to teach the new intake at a university club to play and it is hard to get anywhere without it sounding like yet another lecture. I would now just teach them Mini Bridge and play as ...
Best bidding after 1!C strong opening
He also believes you cannot play strong club at unfavorable any more. Although given people seem to have stopped interfering as much as they did 20 years ago maybe it is time for a revival.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
As I said alert tham all.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
Also clear is that they will adjust the score if your partner acts on this information you just told him, even though he knew it already
ATB oversave
I would do a sim if anyone has a range of hands for south's bid.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
She isn't allowed to tell them what her bids mean. She is only allowed to tell them what her agreements are. This is completely insane obviously and IMO lies at the heart of the problems with the rules.
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