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Ian Payn
Ian Payn
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Aug. 27, 2015
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about me

Vice-Chairman, English Bridge Union

Former Chairman, London Metropolitan Bridge Association

Former Chairman, Young Chelsea Bridge Club (London)

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What is a No-trump range?
One elderly English couple used to publish their range as 12 1/2 - 13 1/2. Some discussion ensued as to whether 1 point actually counted as a "range". The conclusion was that if it did, it wasn't much of one.
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
I have been unhelpful. I thought at first it was Wolach. Richard has asked me if it was Louis Alt and I can neither confirm nor deny as Alt was much older when I knew him. The best I could do was "could well be"and offered the name of ...
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
Not Wolfeld or Beresiner. 100%.
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
The original post was intended as humorous. Whether one finds it amusing or not is, of course, subjective, but in writing this sort of thing a certain elasticity is allowed, even required. If not, nothing funny or exaggerated would ever be written. The humour in the article isn't in ...
Steve Barnfield
A nicely written obituary. Thank you, Richard.
EBU Summer Meeting
One of the major problems facing the EBU is the divide between club players and county players and national players, and the challenge is luring those whose interests are only playing at club level to make the journey into the outside world. If I may be desperately simplistic for a ...
EBU Summer Meeting
In Brighton it was also possible to divert yourself in the mornings to a greater extent than in Eastbourne, so the timings were suitable. They're different types of towns - only a fool would deny it - but last weekend the atmosphere at the venue was good, and because the weather ...
EBU Summer Meeting
Tom, your frustration at your eligibility for the Seniors inching away year by year is heart-rending, and I share your pain, perhaps even more keenly, because for the foreseeable future, every year I will be one year short of qualification. More seriously, the other events were seriously dwindling at Brighton ...
EBU Summer Meeting
The last time players were asked about earlier start times at the Summer Festival the response was in favour of the status quo. I expect, however, this to change, and from next year earlier start times to become the norm, Norm. This makes sense to me, at least, because in ...
I played in a speedball event a couple of years ago. My partner and I were perfectly capable of playing in time, and, indeed, were quite often to be found waiting for the move to be called. Now, we're both experienced players (I said "experienced", not "good") so it ...
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