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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
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April 30, 2013
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about me

Likes: strong club systems, weak NT, canape. My favourite system is (therefore) Blue Club. Dislikes: 2/1 systems with their byzantine accretions of flying buttresses :)


Created a Precision variant that I play with a few partners. Working out a system is always interesting.


Prefer count in almost all situations. As Guido sayeth, "we may not be good enough to know whether to encourage or not; but we can usually tell whether we have an odd or an even number of a suit". Amen.


Intolerant of rudeness and poor ethics. I tend to over-alert and over-explain, and bend over backwards to avoid using UI.


Wish the ACBL would have simpler GCC rules. How can it be illegal to play Roman in 2013? Wish I could remember stuff well enough to play a relay system. Ambition: read and understand the rest of the chapters in Love :)

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Copy of Basic Precision template
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Blue IP
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; canape
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Paul & Ian 2/1
2 over 1 / no Bergen
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Best way to handle this situation?
I should perhaps have made slightly more clear that both opponents reacted visibly and audibly to my lack of alert of 2. Perhaps unsurprisingly they both had significant holdings. I am happy to admit to making a mistake. That is (partially) why I posted this. But I would ...
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
Answered 'other', since either you have discussed it and know the answer, or haven't and are heading for a disaster of enough magnitude to be worth posting on BW afterwards :)
Canape Agape
Blue Club provided a playable approach, using canape to show mostly shapely hands. Hands with clubs are treated differently. We have been playing Blue with intermediate 2/. Works quite well. Flannery hands: try not to pick these up..
What should I do when partner tanks
Isn't the hand over the J supposed to say something to the effect of, "sorry, I have no problem" after they realize they have inadvertently tanked before playing? If they were actually giving deep thought to which diamond to play from x(x(x(x(x)))) then I think ...
A Minor Case of Deja Vu
Swiss Teams, Sectional, yesterday. Board 17, we had a good auction to a cold 7 after a 2 opener. Our expert opps at the other table had a misunderstanding and only reached 6. 11 IMPs to the good guys. On the next board we reached a normal ...
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
UK audience only: I was on Top of the Form, BBC TV panel game thingy between 4-person school teams. I would have been 11 or 12 at the time. I did poorly on a sports question, which did little to improve the quality of my school life for the next ...
It's not clear. I think that there is a general sense of 'meeting' and a more specific sense of the New Year's ritual (who should enter one's house first in order to maximize luck in the coming year).
What do you call such a bid?
"n-way" takes fewer keystrokes :)
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: K A82 AQ985 AK53
1-(1)-X-(p)-2-(p)-2 would show a GF hand with hearts (because 1-(1)-2 would have shown 5-8 with hearts).
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: K A82 AQ985 AK53
I can imagine some minimum hands where responder might pass. Obviously he will attempt to keep the auction alive on most hands. Yes (with 5-8 and a suit he would have bid 2 over 1). Yes. This is not actually my system but I am attempting to make ...

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