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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
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April 30, 2013
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13 hours ago
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about me

Likes: strong club systems, weak NT, canape. My favourite system is (therefore) Blue Club. Dislikes: 2/1 systems with their byzantine accretions of flying buttresses :)


Created a Precision variant that I play with a few partners. Working out a system is always interesting.


Prefer count in almost all situations. As Guido sayeth, "we may not be good enough to know whether to encourage or not; but we can usually tell whether we have an odd or an even number of a suit". Amen.


Intolerant of rudeness and poor ethics. I tend to over-alert and over-explain, and bend over backwards to avoid using UI.


Wish the ACBL would have simpler GCC rules. How can it be illegal to play Roman in 2013? Wish I could remember stuff well enough to play a relay system. Ambition: read and understand the rest of the chapters in Love :)

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Copy of Basic Precision template
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Blue IP
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; canape
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Paul & Ian 2/1
2 over 1 / no Bergen
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Ian & Joe 2/1 weak NT
2 over 1 / Weak NT
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Playing With a Bot (PWB) test
It would be useful to know what the bot interpretation of your 3 in this auction is going to be (hover over your own bid before you commit it). I have seen a number of bot interpretations in high-level auctions that are far stronger than how I intended them ...
New BBO record
..logging on to the new new version 2 of OKBridge. I thought that it would be a good idea to get into more mainstream systems lwith 5-carad majors, strong NT and stuff. The card gods expressed their scorn of this idea by hooking me up with Guido, who could tell ...
Over My Shoulder - commentary by Zach Grossack
Yesterday's event was highly enjoyable. It reminded me somehow of the Master Bridge episodes. Zach did a great job of vocalizing his thought processes when contemplating a line, deciding what to bid, etc. The Zoom environment worked flawlessly for graphics and audio on my (relatively large screen) environment. Thank ...
One liners
Opp to Larry Wagner: "what does you partner's bid mean?" Larry: "Well, Ian is a careful player and always counts his hand. So .. 13 cards".
Illegal 1NT
The guidance that I have been given (here = in ACBL land) is (a) to prealert a canape system, (b) do not alert a canape suit opener (because it is natural), (c) do alert a canape rebid where the suit lengths shown are hereby very different from what the same auction ...
Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Stunning - well done, Phil!
This looks like a prim candidate for a "game try" - N may as well bid game and then try to make it. (I abstained, since North's bidding 4 doesn't seem well represented by 'None').
Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
Re 2: I have actually been 11 different people sharing the 'Ian Wilson' login during the last decade. Another benefit of only playing online....
A Bridge Swifty
"Welcome to my table" said the lady, chattily.
Different Systems
Is it legal to play a different convention card for the last round of a Barometer event? In practice people seem to morph into rabid swinger... er, generators of high variance results; but this isn't reflected by what's on their CCs.

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