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Ilhan Topkaya
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June 27, 2017
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Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: xx Axxx Qx AKQxx
I asked this question because we have an opportunity to play 3Spade with X for 500 in matchpoint tournament. If you bid 4H instead of DBL probably your partner will pass and maybe you will have a score 480 which will be poor. So in my opinion 4H should have ...
Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: AJT42 A74 J6 J75
Thanks for comments
John McWhinnie's bidding problem: KQT9732 K AJ4 T2
I prefer Dbl and if partner bids 2 dia or 2 heart, i would rebid 2 spade.
Ilhan Topkaya's lead problem: T63 --- J954 A98652
Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: A8 AT4 KT98432 8
I saw this hand in a teaching software program by Larry Cohen and he suggests to overcall 3 Diamond. He says that 'When partner has a passed hand, it is very effective to play jump overcalls as WIDE RANGE'
Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: Jxx KTx Qxxxx Kx
Club break was 4-2. If opponents can not switch to heart both 3 clubs and 3 diamonds are the same result. But 3 Diamond was easy to play since you do not have to think about trump distribution and it was difficult to switch heart for opponents when south is ...
Ilhan Topkaya's bidding problem: Jxx KTx Qxxxx Kx
Partner has XX, XX, AKxx, AQJ10x.. Suprisingly 2Dia was the winning bid in this hand.

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