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Imtiaz Husain
Imtiaz Husain
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June 8, 2016
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Dec. 2
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about me

Chessmaster (used to be Ranked 50th in Canada)

Had taken up club level bridge 5 years ago. I devote a good amount of time to studying bridge. I am a solid player, regularly winning or placing in various club events with pick up partners. I am interested in playing in national events in the top brackets.  I have won (as a team-player) a couple of zip  knockouts in NABC events)

I primarily play in midwest area but am willing to travel to various regionals.

Currently studying Rudinesco, Martens etc

United States of America

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Trick 2 Defense
South is very slightly favored to have the A. Ducking intuitively feels right. But I think logic strongly suggests otherwise.
How do we take all our tricks?
To handle the 5-0 split (void) - makes sense
How do we take all our tricks?
Sounds like a fair comment: That's the real novice mistake: The circular assumption that goes as follow - by ducking he shows that he doesn't have a stopper in diamonds or spades. Hence he should not have the J either. I can even force him to hesitate when he ...
How do we take all our tricks?
"Declarer could have Kx, J10xx, Axx, AKxx - or other hands" I am a bit of a novice here, so please forgive my miscalculations as I don't see to deeply at this stage of my bridge level. I really appreciate the critique of my analysis, though. I am trying to ...
How do we take all our tricks?
This analysis assumes a hcp 15-17 NT. After partner plays the Ace, you know the JT984 are out. When partner returns the 9 you know partner is very likely to have the 4, as declarer played either the J or the T. So now you should ...
Forcing or not?
Also see
Forcing or not?
The default is non-forcing unless you have an agreement otherwise. See for Third Suit Forcing options
Forcing or not?
Thanks Dale. I have been mainly looking at some old Mike Lawrence hands I guess.
-590: assign the blame
But more importantly, Society is always to blame, the real question is why is this choice only second place. Darn I forgot to vote for it!
What does this bid mean?
direct splinters support opener's suit; relay splinters support own suit (autosplinters) The splinter using the 1x 1M 1N 2N route is slammish. While the splinter using the 1x 1M 1N 3oM route is warning against 3N. 3N may still be the best contract, but suggests responder prefers to play ...

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