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Imtiaz Husain
Imtiaz Husain
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June 8, 2016
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8 hours ago
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about me

Chessmaster (used to be Ranked 50th in Canada)

Had taken up club level bridge 5 years ago. I am a solid player, regularly winning or placing in various club events,with pick up partners. Looking for expert partners interested in ironing out a complete 2/1 or canape type system on BBO.I am interested in playing in national events in the top brackets. I devote a good amount of time to studying bridge.

I primarily play in midwest area but am willing to travel

United States of America

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Imtiaz + Peter
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Transfers after opponent's interference on 1!C (Help needed!)
1♣-(2)- X - take-out 2♠ - limited 2NT - some sort of Lebensohl with transfers 3♣ - transfer to 3 - transfer to asks for stopper 3 - transfer to may bid 3N or higher after transfer 3♠ - transfer to 4 - transfer to 1♣-(2 ...
Looking for IMP Pairs partner in Memphis.
Hi Greg I would be interested. Regards Imtiaz
Would like partner for Memphis Rockwell Mixed Pairs
Hi Dawn, I might be open for this event. While I may not be a pro, I am a strong player who is training part-time to be an expert (I know that sounds like an oxy-moron - it is what it is). Let me know if you are interested and perhaps ...
Memphis Availability for National and Regional Events
Hi Kyle, Looks like I am open to play in the Memphis Nationals. I played a match against you in the Zip Knockout in Atlanta last year. My team won 2 Zip Knockouts events in Atlanta. Let me know if you are interested Regards Imtiaz
Musings on negative doubles
I think that 1-(1)-x should show 4+ while 1-(1)-1 should deny spades or a spade stopper.
Point of No Return
My Luck, I would find my partner with the AKQ or even AKQJ of Spades
Jonathan Steinberg's bidding problem: xxx xx KQx KTxxx
I guess I always miss the point - 4NT showing longer than makes a lot of sense.
Jonathan Steinberg's bidding problem: xxx xx KQx KTxxx
Same here. But I would only bid 5. Partner did not bid 4, so slam is unlikely.
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
I am a relatively new bridge player. While we all try to obtain knowledge wherever we may find it: Mike Lawrence is who I study and credit for my bidding. Martin Hoffman and Kit Woolsey are who I study for my card play. While I have never met Martin, I ...
Which Ace?
Richard, its not the case of could have, it then become mandatory that East must play the 5 with the 52 holding. The principle of affordability, in terms of discards then becomes 1) "whenever a set of discards demonstrates affordability in variation a signal should be attached to it", rather ...

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