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Imtiaz Husain
Imtiaz Husain
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June 8, 2016
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Oct. 6
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about me

Chessmaster (used to be Ranked 50th in Canada)

Had taken up club level bridge 5 years ago. I devote a good amount of time to studying bridge. I am a solid player, regularly winning or placing in various club events with pick up partners. I am interested in playing in national events in the top brackets.  I have won (as a team-player) a couple of zip  knockouts in NABC events)

I primarily play in midwest area but am willing to travel to various regionals.

Currently studying Rudinesco, Martens etc

United States of America

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For Frank Stewart
In that case I would look up and down too before crossing!
AI and Bridge
Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I need to try out some of these programs and get a better appreciation of their capabilities. Michael - (wikipedia define 1-hot as only 1 1 and the rest (in your case 53 - so I guess you must mean 13-hot) this is kinda similar ...
An Exploratory Data Analysis of BBO Tournament results
Oh man - I would love to get a copy of the data to do my own analysis. Chess databases have features like find innovations etc. It would be amazing to do similar types of analysis on BBO data. Who can I talk to see if I can get a copy ...
AI and Bridge
I don't consider double dummy solvers real AI. They just use a simple mathematical algorithm. If they do use alpha-beta it is really play all 13 cards evaluate the result - compare. That is not really alpha-beta min max, as there is no tree-pruning - which is a requirement for alpha-beta ...
AI and Bridge
Yes if you hard code bid game at 26 combined hcp then there are a number of hands your evaluation functions will do poorly on. This is the same problem in games like chess. However, just like in chess better evaluation functions produce better results. (faster + more accurate) I would ...
AI and Bridge
What algorithms apply to bridge playing programs? I assume some sort of alpha-beta min max is a non-starter?
Spotting Chances
I think the title of this article says it all
Interesting Play Problem from Victor Champion Cup
Yes - I enjoyed this hand very much - Thank you Kevin for sharing!
This is cheating
Dave, Just for my records, is this i) a hypothetical ii) an statement of intention or iii) a statement of what you are doing at the moment. BTW are you playing online while doing so? Just need all the facts before we can reply to your comments
Bridge Teachers in NYC? - Any insight appreciated!
Also you could try BBO (Bridge Base online). They have a number of online lessons. The website I strongly recommend is for daily problem type hands/lessons on both bidding and play. A couple years of just that and you can quickly get to lifemaster strength. Most clubs ...

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