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Senior COC issues with fewer teams entering
I would be satisfied with using a 3 day RR to get to 4 teams provided that the initial entry was 11 or fewer. That would allow for 120 board semis and finals. With a larger entry than 11, I could see a 2 day RR to reduce to 8.
Senior COC issues with fewer teams entering
I agree with Peter. I don't trust the outcomes of round robins sufficiently to think that 9 teams being cut to 4 is better than 9 teams cut to 8. I, too, see no reason not to go to a straight knockout with exactly 8 or 16 entrants
The time has come: Senior USBC Seeding
One of the things that bothers me about using the round robin for seeding is that we sometimes have teams with no real chance to win enter the round robin phase just because they want to play against great players but these teams have no realistic chance to compete. When ...
RIP George Rosenkranz
Glenn was a good local bridge player in Houston. He served 15 years in federal prison and was paroled in 1999, when he returned to Houston. He died in 2007. He was not a friend of mine but was more than an acquaintance.
Takeout Doubler’s Cue Bid after Minor Suit Advance
You have not specified (or I have missed) the condition of whether we are playing IMPs or matchpoints. At matchpoints, there could be a considerable premium to playing in hearts At matchpoints, I would bid 3 hearts which I consider virtually forcing, inasmuch as 2 hearts would be very strong ...
RIP George Rosenkranz
I was his teammate for our 1981 Grand National Teams win and our 1987 Men's Teams win (the last one, now the Open Teams). George was a wonderful person and a great teammate. He shall be missed.
Frivolous Appeal Penalty VOTE
I agree with both of Michael's points. It is not sufficient that a committee be unanimous as to the outcome; it should also be united with respect to the "frivolity" of the appeal. If penalties for frivolous appeals are agreed upon, they should never be imp penalties.
Appeals Committee Procedures
With respect to the last paragraph of your post, I would suggest that one might not have time to prepare a written statement if a committee were convened immediately after play concludes for the day, as is likely when everyone involved typically wants to go out for a meal. In ...
Request from Board re Players who Drop off World Championship Teams
In my opinion, if a Team is no longer eligible to represent the US, then the 2nd place finisher in the Trials should be selected to represent the US. I think the conditions you lay out are very reasonable for when a Team has withdrawal(s)
Vote on Mixed USBC Conditions of Contest
I voted on the lower numbers but did not comment. My comment was intended to apply to 13+. Suppose 13-16, I would hold RR1 of 2 days to reduce to 8. The remaining teams would play RR 2 of 1 1/2 days to reduce to 4 teams. These 4 ...
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