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Itzik Ezra
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Sept. 19, 2013
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Mike Ma's bidding problem: QJ985 752 32 A96
I'm not sure i understand your 3sp bid over 3d.
Vesa Fagerlund's bidding problem: K85 A2 QT4 AK864
Partner should have about 5 points so should have at least 5 hearts and short diamonds. Still with both side vul 3h will win only if 3h and 3d both makes. Any other vul and 3h is my bid.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: K62 543 AQT752 T
7NT is much better description than 2d imo in case 7nt means pass as here. If this is our hand we probably will have a chance to speak. If 2d is wrong ... then it might be very wrong.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: Q654 --- KJT42 K752
2D is my bid by far. Opps will usually have a heart fit and will play there. Most opps wouldn't get you as west might have bid 2h to show weak hand and good hearts or and for that reason might bid on over his partner's penulty x ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K3 742 AJ98754 2
I forgot to write that we don't play weak 2d. Anyway my first board in teams match went 3d x p p p -1100 west found pass with KQX in diamond no entry to dummy. They also opened 3d but east bid 3s and we got + 450 in 4s ...
Kendrick Wong's bidding problem: --- AQ8764 AJT854 A
Well when i bid 1d i wanted partner to support and that he did! Now we are in a very good position and i think east shows hearts. I prefer to pass and let opps do the work for me. Maybe they will get to 4s and then i can ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: K732 --- AJT53 QT54
With 1444 i might open 1d but with sp i prefer usually to bid 1c unless my diamonds are much better then my clubs. So it's 80% void and if i bid it later i will confirm it.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: K732 --- AJT53 QT54
4s is 4054 shape but weak hand (no splinter) What can be better?
David Coles's bidding problem: AKQ5 K876 JT6 A6
If we have an agreement i follow it and mine is that over 3h or higher we play natural. Still i have a great hand and partner can have a lot of hands that makes slam possible so it's 4s /5c bid 4s should be better as 5c might ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: KQJ94 K65 A9873 ---
40 votes 18 voted for 3d 12 for 4sp 7 for 2s 2 for pass and 1 for 3s. I guess some more votes won't change the picture. Time to open a discussion. I can't understand the 4s bidders. Suppose you bid 3d and partner bids 3s (not ...

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