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Ankush Khandelwal's bidding problem: AKQJ63 5 T5 KJT5
Such hands are much simpler if you bid intermediate 2 level vulnerable jumps. If that means i must pass with with something like KJ9XXX JX XX XXX then it is fine with me. Still the problem is intresting.
Jeppe Juhl's bidding problem: AK92 AK6 QJ53 AK
4S. either east was joking only about his high cards and then he has hearts (ant 3nt is probably wrong) or he was joking about his hearts. If so west sometimes will bid again over 4s and then i might try a sporting x
Jeppe Juhl's bidding problem: AQ KJT8542 Q 743
4NT. I guess partner has about 8 points and opps abour 20 . If so partner can have no side ace and QH and he will respond 5d or 5c aqccording to systnm. Then i can bid 5h as i would over 4s or 5m and maybe they will trust me ...
Paula Leslie's bidding problem: T94 AKQ976 Q7 Q6
Depend on your opps. Wil they bid over 3h? If they are good i think i bid 4h else 3h.
Zoran Zoric's bidding problem: --- A984 984 AQJT75
And if they play and continue trumps even 3c might be too high. If they bid 3d then we should think again as it marks partner with stiff diamond and also because +110 is not available anymore.
Zoran Zoric's bidding problem: --- A984 984 AQJT75
Pass. As a good friend of yours dear opps i will not take adavntage of vulnerability and give you a fair chance to find your better 4-4 fit in sp.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: J842 AT986 KQ Q7
Could you explain why are you indifferent between 3h and double? Do you think your plartner knows more about your hand than you about his hand? Can he know that you have a good lead (you could have KJ in diamond and QS instead of the j for example) and ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: J842 AT986 KQ Q7
Well you asked for that. You will have to live with that. We can place almost exactly cards and shape of all players. points as all passed it is something like : NORTH: 10 EAST: 9 SOUTH :9 NORTH should have 4144 or so and SOUTH can't have 4 cards ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
I agree that sometimes partner will have no side controls in s+c but i'd expect partner in that case to have better trumps than QXXX I might have bid 4d with AH instead of QH. In that case if for example partner does not hold the ace af ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
I think it costs. As i think the hand you gave with 0 controls outside my singleton is a clear 4h bid and bidding 4nt means you don't trust your partner and that must mean something i guess. I would take 4nt by partner as a personal insult and ...

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