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Jack Donaghue
Jack Donaghue
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April 20, 2015
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April 30
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Bridge Player
about me

Now attending Northeatern University. Let's get a team going.

Available for evening games around Boston.

United States of America

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Don Caplin
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Favorite Conventions
Mini-NT, Precision, always open to experimentation, will play a midnight game if necessary
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Discord channel?
I can’t click directly from the link, but that should be publicized more. Given the types of audiences bridge attracts, I think we’re likely to compete with some gaming communities. Why not make ourselves available on the de-facto go to platform for those communities ?
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
Elements of natural bidding depend on the system though. There's even a poll on the website that indicates we might be better off teaching precision which is somewhat artificial in nature
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
Honestly, I have been thinking about whether online bridge may be the answer as it eliminates the need to block out half a day which is great for high school or college players with unpredictable schedules, but if the younger generation of players is going to readily accept learning online ...
High Level Competitive Auction: What is going on?
North had xxx x Qxxxxx KQJ
High Level Competitive Auction: What is going on?
The whole auction is strange, but that's what U26 can be like I guess. South had - AKQxxx x Txxxxx
Claim Ruling
So.... the ruling should be that declarer gets the worst result they can on a normal line of play with no finesses since those depend on a particular player holding a certain card.
Claim Ruling
I always understood the rules to be no finesses after a claim. In fact I thought any gaps in declarers explanation of the play are assumed to be filled in the worst possible way for declarer, so in this case once declarer draws trump, he has no stated line, so ...
High Level Competitive Auction: What is going on?
Whoever asked about the hand : The hunches of partner being two-suited turned out to be correct, but partner does in fact show up with two hearts. Opponents end up getting one of their hearts and the Q for down one. Partner had AQ873 T8 AKJT5 2
High Level Competitive Auction: What is going on?
I'm not claiming the RD was good bridge. Just what I did :(
2/1 vs. Precision
Compare what happens with and without ACBL land convention charts too.

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