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Jack Spear
Jack Spear
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May 3, 2012
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Grand Life Master
Jack Spear & Tom Kniest
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Chuck Said & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Steve Stewart
2 over 1 except suit rebid
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Tom Kniest & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Copy of JS Strong NT sect 021716
varied NT10-13 1,2 nonV - all other 15-17; 1M-2!c could be 2
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Jack Spear & Robert Weaver
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Will Engel's bidding problem: AQ74 Q5 AJ74 AT8
Any 4-2 break is 13 tricks opposite 2-3 's with 2-2 's. (Also, partner won't bid seven with KXXXXX AKXXX not knowing about Q or 4th .)
David Parsons's bidding problem: 8765 A54 KJ9875 ---
I appreciate Larry's observations regarding the high level of popularity of ELC at the expert level in the U.S. Another observation might be the low level of popularity for the Bridge World Standard set of agreements.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
Let me be sure I understand what partner should infer from 4...4-2-1-6 with good intermediates offering partner the choice of three final contracts...yes, I got it.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: QJ42 T6 6532 AQ2
Pass. Seems easy at matchpoints.
Stephen Henry's bidding problem: Ax Txx AKxxxx xx
4. Completing the description of my hand...can't imagine bidding anything else.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
We have arrived. Our ruffing value playing in 's is attractive, while the Q opposite partner's maximum length of three is not attractive for playing in notrump. Our club length is likely opposite partner's doubleton. Partner may have thought he wanted to play 4 or 3NT ...
2D weak one major
Joe, I like your ideas, but wouldn't Spear/Herrmann be a better name? :)
2D weak one major
Playing 4H P/C is not silly. Having this option available can be an advantage when it comes up, while 2oM followed by 4oM is available as a signoff. 2oM followed by 3oM can be played as forcing. (This never comes up, but what if it did?) Having the option ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: T43 T83 T862 T93
I really wanted to bid 3 to test my theory that the opps never penalize this weak preempt, with no apparent limit to how hopeless my hand can be. And 3 actually has the merit of taking up meaningful bidding space.
Penultimate segment
Great set of hands that I missed--when I watch, the hands are usually flat. Thanks for posting.

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