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Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
"North with an 18hcp monster, passed 3♣, so he undoubtedly thought South was weak." Not necessarily. OP: "North has experience with South making weak bids with constructive or better values." North undoubtedly thought South COULD BE weak, but maybe this just shows there is a lot of guess work in ...
One Disillusioned NLM
Sorta Like Gazilli
Sounds more like Bart than Gazilli. Over 1-1NT, I guess opener will bid 2 instead of 2 with 4 hearts; otherwise you may play in 5-2 spade fit instead of 4-4 heart fit.
First hand, playing low spade at trick 2 wins if East starts with QTx without A. Seems reasonable when East encourages in spades.
The New Three-card Limit Raise in 2/1
The Yellow Chart has not been approved yet. If we are making up conventions that could be allowed in the future, I will go much further. To begin, let's play (almost) all response at 1 or 2 level as transfer
The New Three-card Limit Raise in 2/1
The 2 response is conventional with a non game force option. It is not allowed in General Chart
Time for a rethink
Hockey? The size of the rink in North America is smaller than those in Europe.
None of your example really need pattern analysis. Example 1 "Eight ever, nine never". You already agreed that West having two trumps, it's 50-50 that he has an even number of diamonds, and that's the only thing you care about. Example 2 No matter what pattern East has ...
My example is trying to illustrate that the most likely pattern does not always give the best percentage line. You have to be more careful on the math.
How's my line double dummy? Other than covering at trick one, it is exact same line as yours till losing to heart ace. What is East going to return other than a heart? A diamond gives you a trick immediately. A club help you set up club while you ...
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