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Jacob Duschek
Jacob Duschek
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Aug. 10, 2013
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about me

EBL Tournament Director

Co-author of book on the World Teams Championships 2015 (printed, in Danish).

Author of books on the Danish Teams Championships 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (printed, in Danish).

Author of case books covering appeals in Danish bridge 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 (PDF, in Danish).


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Danish Teams Championships: Semifinals 2011, runner-up 2012
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One-Eyed Jacks (Copenhagen)
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Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
Bryan, I wonder whether you are asking a more general question along the lines of "Suppose N-S use UI to get to a ridiculous contract, but due to a subsequent fluke they get a good result. Should the score be adjusted?" Just in case you do :) this is answered by ...
Viking Club 1M-1NT question
Michael Askgaard and Kasper Konow of the Danish national team play the Viking Precision Club with a modified version of the 2-level responses: 2: Signoff with 5+, or any invitational hand without 3-card support. Thus, 1M-2-2-2M shows a balanced invitational hand with a doubleton for partner ...
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
Obviously guessing because I don't know the hands, but it seems that without the 1NT bid, which was illegal due to UI, the bidding would probably have gone 1-4 instead. So adjusting to 4 making whatever could well be reasonable, for both sides. Then, you might ...
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
Indeed, opening 1NT and not 1 is taking advantage of the UI that partner will be in trouble in a moment. Maybe the player did not understand this part from the TD's instructions. If partner opened 1, 1, or 1 out of turn, I think ...
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
In theory, discarding all the current rules about calls and leads out of turn, simply requiring them to be taken back if not accepted, playing on and considering them UI for partner, and giving a standard penalty, would be quite reasonable. The main problem is that most bridge players hate ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
The score adjustment should apply to both sides. In that respect, the situation is akin to a misinformation case. A one-sided adjustment should be made only if there was a subsequent extremely serious error or a gambling action. But this would have been much clearer if the laws defined a ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
“I’m not claiming, but ...” could easily give declarer information about the outstanding cards while the defenders judge whether to play on. That is not a legal way to read the hand, which is why it is a claim.
Lame Claims
And the fourth option is "claim a trick", which is a very strange thing to do when declarer has already made a claim. So who knows which question the poster really wanted to ask, although of course it is always a creative and amusing joke to answer the literal question ...
Lame Claims
I agree with David that the poll is problematic. I have interpreted the question as "how should the TD rule". The question what a defender should do when the opponent makes a sloppy claim is best discussed at the bar if you cannot stand TD rulings.
Lame Claims
Item 3 of the Meeting Minutes from the WBF-LC meeting in Paris 2001 (meeting no. 3 out of 4) states: [i]The committee agreed that under Law 70 when there is an irregularity embodied in a statement of claim the Director follows the statement up to the point at which ...
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